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The Opinion section of The Journal is a platform for a diverse range of voices from Sarnia-Lambton. The views expressed here do not necessary reflect those of The Journal or its editorial team.

Chronicles of Sarnia: the lion, the lodge and the landscaper

Chronicles of Sarnia: the lion, the lodge and the landscaper

Did you hear about the two-year-old boy who escaped death when his mom’s vehicle slid off Sarnia Road and landed on the train tracks. No? Not surprising, really. The Sarnia Road in question is a thoroughfare in Durban, South Africa.

EDITORIAL: Taking Harbour like buying a pig in a poke

Sarnia is holding out for more money before agreeing to accept Ottawa’s ‘divestiture” of Sarnia Harbour. But when the feds ante up – and they will – the city should take the deal, bad as it is.

GUEST COLUMN: Allow colleges to offer three-year degrees

Young people in Sarnia-Lambton face a new reality about their future careers. The skills mismatch has been dominating local headlines lately, reminding us that we face a future of “people without jobs” and “jobs without people.

LETTER: A plea to clear snowy driveways

Dear Sir: I enjoyed reading your first paper. I’d like to add some information to the article you did about the snow on sidewalks. For the past eight years, I have collected for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

COMMENT: And the survey says ...

The Journal received more than 100 emails, phone calls and Facebook posts following publication of its first edition last week. Below is a sampling of comments.
EDITORIAL: A new voice for Sarnia

EDITORIAL: A new voice for Sarnia

Hi there, and welcome to The Sarnia Journal.

COLUMN: Lower the boom on Watson trail abusers

The time has come for city hall to crack down on ignorant homeowners who hack, chop, mow and otherwise encroach on Sarnia’s premier nature trail.