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OPINIONS: Readers respond to 'Six things we love about Sarnia'

An April 10 “Six things I love about Sarnia” column evidently touched a nerve. Responses came from dozens of readers, including a travel expert, a Caribbean yachter and one strict grammarian.
The blue, blue water that bounds the city on two sides is one of the things The Journal’s editor loves about living in Sarnia. Glenn Ogilvie

An April 10 “Six things I love about Sarnia” column evidently touched a nerve. Responses came from dozens of readers, including a travel expert, a Caribbean yachter and one strict grammarian. Below is a sampling:

1 - Sarnia is my hometown even though I now live in Saskatchewan.

Thanks for your truthful and warm comments.

Sarnia also has a wonderful, well-kept walking waterfront where you can enjoy the beautiful lake.

And let's not forget the famous French fry truck.

- Brenda Demeray

2-  I am a Torontonian who worked and lived in TO for 45 years. Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law who live in Bright’s Grove, I was invited to explore Sarnia several years ago. I felt welcomed on my first visit and was very impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the people, and especially the manners and respect the young people display to both adults and seniors.

Your city and its citizens have done a remarkable job of keeping the waterfront a beautiful place to walk, jog and play. I always look forward to visiting and staying in Sarnia and have made new friends there.

Be proud Sarnians, for you have many treasures in your own backyard. Continue your smiles and your wonderful hospitality.  I shall be joining you shortly.

- Patrick de Caires

3- Saw your story through a link my niece posted on Facebook.

Fortunately, some of those small town things are alive and well in Kitchener-Waterloo, too.

- Linda Whitmore

4 - The many golf courses within minutes. Friendly people. Cultural acceptance. The Journal!

- Nancy

5 - As co-owner of a women's travel network I travel a lot. I can honestly say that the more I travel, the more convinced I am that we are very privileged to live in this great community.

As an amateur photographer I have to say that sunsets here are world class! I remember leading a group tour in Greece where photographers were raving about the sunsets over Santorini. They waited all day just to secure their spot for the 'perfect shot.'

You can imagine my surprise when the sun set and I found myself thinking that the sunsets back home were equal to or better than those over Santorini.

Although I am passionate about travel, I always love coming home to the beautiful St Clair River. Whenever we have visitors from other parts of the world they are amazed at the natural beauty of this area.

- Susan Pearson

6- While I appreciate the uplifting and positive tone of your article Six things I love about Sarnia, I was very much pained by the grammar. I understand this is an opinion piece, and benefits from a free flowing and colloquial style of writing. That being said, the syntax (the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language) was incredibly poor. Like grade 3 hillbilly poor. One thing I don't like about Sarnia is its lack of credible media outlets. Lets all improve Sarnia's image by showing we're an informed and literate bunch.

- Tristan Martel

7 - I’ve just stumbled across your online newspaper and find the articles are so refreshing!  Where’s all the bad news?  Love it!

I’ve lived in Sarnia most of my life but am currently sailing a boat back from the Caribbean. The adventures here are always great, but of course, as you know, when you leave Sarnia you always want to return. Keeping in touch with local events (at) which your paper is the best.

- Tim and Allie

8 - Thank you. I knew I loved my city and now I can sound informed when I tell people why. But you forgot to mention the French fries and poutine.

- Kathy Schrader 

9 - I oft criticize things happening in Sarnia because I love it and want it to be the best version of itself, but I have little patience for the "it sucks here!" sentiment some seem to trumpet. We take much for granted and it really is a beautiful place.

- Adam Young

10 - Another thing I love is the high-paying jobs that can be obtained which pay for the low-priced housing.

Also, when emergency vehicles are sounding, people pull over to make sure they are not hindering a precious second that someone else might need.

The bike paths that go from one side of the city to the other.

Sarnia is a great city. I love it. I have been raised here, my kids were raised here and now my grandchildren are going to be raised here.

- Joseph Sit

11 - I love your “Reasons I love Sarnia” article. My list also includes the Lambton Concert Band, Canatara Park, the walking paths everywhere and the most amazing Canada Day anywhere (is there anyone who doesn’t go to the park unless they are sick?)

I would leave but I can’t find anyplace that can even come close to these things.

- Alison McLaughlin

12 - Sarnians are extremely generous - I've seen it first hand on the boards and committees I'm on (St Clair Child & Youth and CCpC - Corunna Community policing Committee) and with our organization, Community 4 Hope.

It's all perspective. We do need to grow, but to what extent? We do need to be better and be forward thinking, but with the continued engagement of our citizens.

Sarnia is amazing!

- Shaun Antle

13 - Finally, someone has something good to say about this city! Thanks for the great article.

- Mitch M.