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LETTER: 'Don't let them railroad you into resigning, Bill Dennis'

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

Re: 'Mr. Dennis, please resign in the best interests of the city'

Please don’t let them railroad you into resigning, Bill Dennis.

You are our voice in this city and wear your love of Sarnia on your coat sleeve. There hasn’t been such an advocate for the citizens of Sarnia in a lot of years – you listen, you advocate for everyone, and you try to implement our wishes and needs at every council meeting.  

And on top of that someone who watches the silliness spending going on with the tax payer’s money – an $8400 coffee maker with a $500 monthly refill is a prime example.  

But it seems they have your number Bill and goad you to the point of getting under your skin - don’t let them!

Brenda Bishop

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