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LETTER: 'Mr. Dennis, please resign in the best interests of the city'

Bill Dennis upended another council meeting Monday with personal verbal attacks directed at the mayor and other council members.

Dear Editor:

Re: OPINION: When one city politician doesn’t want to play by the rules

Cathy Dobson is a very competent, fair & impartial reporter.  

This is the first time I can remember her showing her personal disgust at the childish, egotistical & disruptive behaviour of a City Councillor. 

Her analysis of his recent behaviour is spot on, and it's time to expel Mr. Dennis permanently.

I think he's obviously incapable of self control, appropriate business decorum, and a sense of decency. 

Sarnia is getting a black eye from prospective residents & investors. City business must take precedence over personality conflicts. 

Mr. Dennis, please resign in the best interests of the residents of this city.   


Rosemary French

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