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Young & Excellent, Episode 14: Markus DeSantos

The Journal has partnered with ‘Young & Excellent,’ a new podcast and YouTube series dedicated to celebrating young folks in Sarnia-Lambton. Each week, we’ll share a new episode of the series here on our website.

Sit down with the one and only Markus DeSantos as he dives into what life's like as an entrepreneur. MadFish asks questions about inspiration, life growing up, and the gift of being your own boss. Not to mention the risks involved when you forge your own path. Markus shares his insights on how technology, especially AI, can shape the world.

With new gadgets, apps, and methods being added to the tech world, Markus is getting ahead of the curve by using AI to his advantage. While also providing the community with digital resources that could boost their business. 

Check his work out at: And make sure to follow him on Instagram: @gladwebs 


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