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What are local leaders planning to do this Canada Day?

Journal Staff The Sarnia area is famous for having some of the largest Canada Day festivities in Ontario.
Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley waves to the crowd while walking in the 2009 Canada Day parade. Glenn Ogilvie photo

Journal Staff

The Sarnia area is famous for having some of the largest Canada Day festivities in Ontario. With the pandemic restricting public get-togethers for a second straight year, we asked local political leaders what they intend to do on Canada’s 153rd birthday.


"We don't have any specific plans yet, but we will do something, for sure.  Right now, I'm dealing with constituents' calls about the country cancelling Canada Day again! Piece by piece, the political leaders are closing down everything that is Canada!"


"Canada Day has always been a special day for me. As long as I can remember I have viewed it as the 'unofficial first day of summer.' I will most certainly be spending the entire day with immediate family enjoying our beautiful waterfront and Canatara Park. We will go to one of our amazing local restaurant patios and to top it off enjoy an evening bonfire eating s’mores and drinking locally made craft beer."


"We always enjoy spending time with our daughter, her husband and our two grandchildren here in Sarnia, sharing a barbeque and backyard dining. In addition, we will all video-chat with our oldest son and his family, including our two granddaughters in Japan. They always host a Canada Day barbeque for their friends from all over the world, on the beach under the Pearl Bridge in Kobe, Japan. Our youngest son and his fiancé live in Toronto and they join in on the video chat with our oldest son’s family as well. While distance separates us on Canada Day, technology allows us to celebrate together as a family."


"While the traditional parties in both Point Edward and Sarnia will be greatly missed for a second straight year, July 1st can’t be allowed to slip by unnoticed. We’ll be waving the flag of course as COVID restrictions gradually ease. There will be added reason to celebrate this year, allowing us to make up for some lost family time, perhaps with a backyard BBQ, complete with Birthday cake, to mark the Confederation of our special country, Canada.”


“Canada Day has always been a time to meet with friends and family and this year will be similar but different. One tradition from year's past that I look forward to being able to participate in and support is the Pork on a Bun lunch at the Point Edward Ex-Serviceman's Club patio on Michigan Avenue. For many years we have stopped in on our walk back from the Canada Day Parade and festivities at Canatara Park to socialize with Villagers and visitors to celebrate our great country”


“Canada Day is always a big day at our house. On a typical July 1st we would go to Canatara to catch the parade and sample all of the delicious and multicultural food vendors. After that we would head home. Due to our proximity to the park we always expect friends and family to drop by for a cold beverage and my wife’s fantastic cooking, or park in our driveway for a short walk to Canatara.

I guess this will still be a typical year for us, we still expect to have friends and family drop by, but our street will not be as busy.”


“Sarnia people are proud people and celebrated Canada with all their might. I am very proud of our community. My family will get together in a small gathering to remember Canada Day over a meal and have some fun together.

For many years as MPP and (as) Mayor Bradley’s representative I had the privilege of opening the city-run Canada Day Celebration. I never forget one individual (who) remarked on the comment I made, 'Every day should be Canada day.’”


It is unfortunate that for the second year in a row we are not able to celebrate at our waterfront as a community. We encourage our residents to go forward and decorate for the event and enjoy time with their families in backyard celebrations.

I believe there will be a lot of pressure in 2022 to make Canada a really outstanding event to make up for missing our group celebration in 2020 and 2021. We can all be up for the challenge!


No plans for the day - same as last year.  Will wait till next year when we can sing and dance again.

Canadians should reflect on 153 years since Canada was formed as a Country. Remembering what has defined our values, ideals and history, both positive and negative.  We should reflect on what sort of country we want Canada to be in the years ahead. There are major tragic examples this year that we can do better as a Country.  We should ask ourselves what we can do as individuals and communities to bring the changes needed for the next generation of Canadians.

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