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The week of May 26

Why can makers sell such loud vehicles? Sir: Regarding the May 5 article, “Woman seeks action on loud modified cars, trucks.
Letters to the editor

Why can makers sell such loud vehicles?

Sir: Regarding the May 5 article, “Woman seeks action on loud modified cars, trucks.

I want to say I believe the people who are responsible for overly loud vehicles and motorcycles are the manufacturers themselves, and the government ministry responsible for allowing their sale and use. I don’t think they are doing their job.

In my opinion police officers, who are here to serve and protect, don’t get enough credit for the job they do. Police have a budget, and if we ask them to do more it will go up, and people don’t want that.

My wife and I moved to Sarnia six weeks ago and we like it here. We are car people and have owned a lot of hotrods over the years, although we now have a nice quiet old car.

We have done car shows all over Canada, from one end to other, and we do not want to see our hobby disappear because of a few bad apple. There are bad apples everywhere.

Donnie Hayes


Fall victim say “thank you” to good Samaritans

Sir: During a recent visit to a Sarnia restaurant I had a serious fall in the parking lot.

I would like to offer a special thank-you to the kind lady who came from her car in the drive-through to help. And to the gentleman who came from inside, where he was having his supper, to give me first aid.

I didn't get their names, but would like to tell them they are much appreciated.

It is gratifying to know that there are still good Samaritans in this world.

Margo Smith


First female process operator claim disputed

Sir: I fell compelled to dispute the May 5th article, “Helen Arts-Smith was Imperial’s first female process operator.”

You have done a great disservice to all the women who stepped up during the Second World War and back-filled while men joined the Armed Forces.

My mother, Winnifred May Ball, worked at Imperial’s grease plant and Number 9 oil units from 1943 to 1945 in the process department, while my father was in Europe.

I am sure there are other families in the area who feel slighted by this egregious oversight.

Lest we forget, indeed!

Please set the record straight and perhaps even do a Remembrance Day article about the patriotic women who kept Sarnia’s industries running.

Richard Ball


Canada no longer protects the very young and very old

Sir: When I was growing up on the East coast I was very proud to be a Canadian.

My uncle served in the First World War and many of my neighbours in the Second. At that time, Canada was a country that respected and protected life.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today. It’s said that the mark of a great nation is how it cares for its very young and the very old. The fact abortion and euthanasia are so common today is an insidious way of saying life can become very inconvenient. When a country makes it legal to kill people, is it any wonder that others will take it upon themselves to do the same? As a result, violent crime is increasing, committed even by teenagers.

If we learned anything from the pandemic it’s that only God decides who will live and die. As my husband used to say, “You can't fool Mother Nature, she will get you in the end.”

We also see this in the way we treat the environment. In my opinion, the freedom that our veterans died for is being abused.

The real price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Until we protect the lives of the very young and the very old we will continue to be a second rate nation, one that does not instill pride. Yours truly,

Dolores Murray


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