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The week of June 9

Is Canada supporting the Russian war by default? Sir: The Minister of Defence said recently Canada is sending 20,000 rounds of artillery to Ukraine.
Letters to the editor

Is Canada supporting the Russian war by default?

Sir: The Minister of Defence said recently Canada is sending 20,000 rounds of artillery to Ukraine.

That is great, but what Canada is missing is the opportunity to support the EU’s deficiency of natural resources.

Russia will only sell its petroleum and natural gas for rubles, thus increasing the ruble’s market value and the continuation of the war.

The EU is challenged by its dependence on Russian energy. Canada has the infrastructure, resources, and ways and means to supply all of EU with whatever it needs.

Canada has oil and gas but is not electing to supply it to the EU. Russia holds the EU energy card, but Canada has the trump card to cripple the invasion - a win-win for Canada and democracy.

Dean McEachen

Point Edward

Bailey challenged on Tory claims about healthcare spending

Sir: Regarding the May 19 article, Healthcare dominated Sarnia-Lambton candidate debate.

MPP Bob Bailey inferred that the Sarnia Lambton Health Coalition and Ontario Health Coalition were lying about Doug Ford’s and Bob Bailey’s plans for public health care. Here is my rebuttal:

On Feb. 1 Health Minister Christine Elliot said “independent health facilities” would be allowed to run private clinics to help the backlog of surgical and diagnostic cases. When the Coalition spoke out, the government back-pedalled, saying it wasn’t true, but it’s on video.

Increases in Bluewater Health’s budget can mostly be attributed to extra COVID funding to deal with the pandemic.

Funding increases remain below the inflation rate, thus the terrible waits, staff burnout and resignations.

Bailey stated the government was building a new hospital in Wallaceburg. Money has been allotted for a new boiler system and renovations for patient clinics, but I’m as unsure of funding for a new Emergency Room as I am of Mr. Bailey’s comments about the SLHC statements “being further from the truth.”

He also stated the government is building a new super hospital in Windsor. It will have fewer beds than Windsor hospitals currently have, and the airport site has no public transit, making it inaccessible to anyone without a car or $30 for a one-way taxi ride.

Bailey stated: “We wouldn’t be spending that kind of money if we were going to privatize it, so I’d like to put to rest that lie…” The Fiscal Accountability Office does not agree with the government budget’s numbers, noting it would have to cut $8.2 billion from health care to balance the budget.

Calling people names is often a sign of weakness or the lack of a truth-based argument. The truth is Ontario has underfunded the public healthcare system for over 25 years. The Conservatives are over half way in granting new 30-year licenses to for-profit LTC homes. The truth is the Conservatives have allowed almost total privatization of Home care, which has imploded. The truth is Mr. Bailey and Mr. Ford have no plan to staff hospitals or LTC homes. Respectfully,

Shirley Roebuck,

Co-Chair, Sarnia Lambton Health Coalition

Port Lambton

Settling estate with the bank has been endlessly frustrating

Sir: Mom has dementia, and her husband died last almost one year ago. Her residential care is very expensive.

Her husband left money in the bank with Mom listed as beneficiary or successor/holder. My stepbrother and I are co-executors and co-powers of attorney.

But the bank won't release the money, which is less than $100,000.

Friends and professionals tell me this is now a common problem with the big banks. People need to know this!

As a baby boomer I was raised to trust banks. Now it seems we can't, even though they are making tidy profits.

Over the past nine months we have submitted notarized documents, completed forms, provided signatures, had signatures notarized, took Mom to branches, went to branches on my own, had bi-weekly teleconferences, been stood up for meetings, been handed off from person to person, escalated our case to the Manager of the President's Office, sent and received numerous emails, left voicemails and not received the promised call back, had our signed documents lost.

Recently the bank’s own document was too long for their scanner and they wondered if I would scan it. They've all been lovely people.

My personal belief is the bank has work processes that don't work. When I see their commercials on TV I almost choke knowing the frustration we've experienced.

I'm here to tell you Bitcoin or your mattress may be worthy of consideration.

Laurie Trombley


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