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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 - What is the more usual title of the Christmas hymn “Adeste Fideles”? 2 - St.

1 - What is the more usual title of the Christmas hymn “Adeste Fideles”?

2 - St. Pat’s student Jennah Taylor obtained a full ride scholarship to Ohio’s Ursuline College next fall in what sport?

3 - According to popular lore, Peeping Tom was struck blind after watching what person ride naked?

4 - What mode of transportation in Sarnia should be easier next year thanks to provincial and municipal grants totalling nearly $750,000?

5 - What does Canada’s motto “A Mari Usque ad Mare” translate to in English?

6 - No kidding: Former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev once appeared in a commercial  for . . .

McDonald’s       Mountain Dew              Pizza Hut

7 - On Boxing Day in 1919, what baseball legend was sold by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees?

8 - What is the occupation of Marion, Professor Hill’s love interest in The Music Man?

9 - What Marvel comics character had his "inner beast" unleashed due to a freak lab accident involving gamma rays?

10 - Whose tragic death is the subject of Walt Whitman’s 1866 poem entitled “O Captain! My Captain!”?

- Tom St. Amand (column #170)

ANSWERS: 1 - O Come All Ye Faithful; 2 – Basketball; 3 - Lady Godiva; 4 – Cycling; 5 - From Sea to Sea; 6 - Pizza Hut (he donated his salary to charity); 7 - Babe Ruth; 8 – Librarian; 9 - The Hulk; 10 - Abraham Lincoln.

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