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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 - What does the acronym GOP stand for, in reference to the U.S.

1 - What does the acronym GOP stand for, in reference to the U.S. Republican Party?

2 - What is the new sports nickname of Great Lakes Secondary School?

3 - What long-running show features the ticking of a stopwatch rather than a theme song?

4 - In local author Jen Dafoe’s popular books, Chico’s First Trip to the Dentist, and Chico’s First Trip to the Hospital, who is Chico?

5 - What butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck releases hormones which control metabolism?

6 - Following his triumph in the American Civil War, what general (and future President) stayed overnight in Point Edward in 1865 while traveling to Detroit?

7 - Besides starting a tire company, the Michelin brothers also started awarding Michelin stars to what types of establishments?

8 - What local radio station received a provincial award recently for its “That Night in Sarnia” fundraiser?

9 - Remember when? In 1971, Ernie of Sesame Street reached #11 on the Billboard chart with what timeless hit about bath time toys?

10 - “Now I've heard there was a secret chord” is the opening line to what poem/song by the late Leonard Cohen?

- Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 - Grand Old Party; 2 - The Wolfpack; 3 - 60 Minutes; 4 - A puppy  (Pek-Tzu Chorkie); 5 - The thyroid; 6 - Ulysses S. Grant; 7 – Restaurants; 8 - Blackburn Radio’s K106.3; 9 - Rubber Duckie; 10 - Hallelujah

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