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Take the Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1. A subject of a Gordon Lightfoot song, what ship sank in Lake Superior 39 years ago last week? 2.
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1.      A subject of a Gordon Lightfoot song, what ship sank in Lake Superior 39 years ago last week?

2.      What Lambton County town is named after a famous battle in the early 19th century Napoleonic Wars, a battle which occurred near a town of the same name in Spain?

3.      Who was Michael Jackson’s duet partner on “Say, Say, Say” and Stevie Wonder’s on “Ebony and Ivory”?

4.      What common bond links the naming of Quinn Drive, Barclay Drive, and Berger Road in Sarnia?

5.      Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are better known collectively by what name?

6.      We are not alone.  Sarnia Beach and the rural municipality of Sarnia No. 221 are both located in a province whose name in Cree means “swift-flowing river”?  What province?

7.      In 1947, Barbara Walker was the last Miss America to be crowned wearing a what?

8.      What local park is home to 102 trees planted in the shape of a cross by our Boy Scouts to honour the102 Sarnia heroes who lost their lives fighting in WWI?

9.      Built on the site of a former nursery, what famous golf course in the U.S. has each hole named after a flowering or aromatic tree or shrub?

10.     What now common household item - you’ll find them in schools, offices and businesses as well - was the inspiration behind the first roll-on deodorant presented by Bristol Myers in 1952?

- Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 - Edmund Fitzgerald; 2 – Corunna (Battle of LaCoruna near Coruna, Spain); 3 - Paul McCartney; 4 - All were named for Sarnia soldiers who lost their lives in WWII: James Quinn, James Barclay, and Max Berger; 5 - The Three Musketeers; 6- Saskatchewan  (We’re much bigger. Their combined population is 300); 7 - Swimsuit/Bathing Suit; 8 - Heritage Park; 9 - Augusta National (Tea Olive #1 to Holly #18); 10 - Ball point pen

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