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We all scream for ice cream

Sixteen-year-old Antonio Adamo isn’t old enough to remember the Dickie Dee Ice Cream man or the sound of a Dickie Dee bicycle bell coming down the street on a hot summer day.
Antonio Adamo has reintroduced an ice cream cart service to the streets of Bright’s Grove this summer. Cathy Dobson

Sixteen-year-old Antonio Adamo isn’t old enough to remember the Dickie Dee Ice Cream man or the sound of a Dickie Dee bicycle bell coming down the street on a hot summer day.

But Adamo is banking there’s a lot of parents in Bright’s Grove that do remember, and a lot of kids who will come to love the ice cream man.

Adamo has invested in an original Dickie Dee cart, shipped from Nova Scotia, and set up business this summer as The Ice Cream Peddler.

“I’m liking it a lot,” says Adamo, who is going into Grade 12 at St. Patrick’s High School this fall. “Kids get excited when they see me coming and a lot of older parents get excited too.”

He’s driving the cart through the streets of Bright’s Grove, ringing his bell and offering 17 frozen products and flavours.

“My best sellers are cyclone popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and shaved Italian ice,” Adamo said.  The treats range from $1.50 to $4 with some less expensive drink choices.

Start-up costs for the Ice Cream Peddler were close to $3,000, about the same amount as a government grant Adamo received through the Ontario Summer Company Program.

He’s one of 14 local youth, aged 15 to 29, approved for the program in Sarnia-Lambton this year.

Adamo said the cost of the cart, insurance, name registration and a business licence was so steep he wouldn’t have launched without the grant.

On a good day, he has about 50 customers. If sales are consistent he expects to turn a small profit this year. And next year, with the cart already purchased, he should make a lot more money.

“The program has been a good opportunity for me,” said Adamo. “I don’t have to work for someone and I like the idea of building on that experience and knowledge.”

He hopes to become an architect and have his own firm one day.

Bright’s Grove residents could hear the Ice Cream Peddler from noon to 5 p.m., and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesdays to Sundays.  He’s also available for parties and special events.  Call 519-869-6471 or 519-384-4389 or email at [email protected].


AG Event Graphics, headquartered in Point Edward, has won a 2014 National Sign Competition award from Sign Media Canada magazine.

Sign Media Canada’s national competition honours the best of the best from all corners of the Canadian sign industry.

AG Event Graphics’ graphic wrap of an electric car for Bluewater Power earned the highest score in the vehicle graphics category.

Look for AG Event Graphics’ winning entry on the cover of the July edition of Sign Media Canada.

Congrats to the entire team!


Do you represent a business or agency in Sarnia Lambton interested in knowing if you meet the complex requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act?

Accessibility Sarnia-Lambton has hired Natalie Normand to assess local organizations and make recommendations to improve accessibility.

The businesses that meet the standards will be promoted through an online catalogue and map of accessible locations, and are also awarded identifiable Breaking Barriers to Business stickers for storefront promotion.

Normand, formerly of Lambton College, is the new project co-ordinator at Accessibility Sarnia Lambton and will be helping local businesses make their services more accessible in order to serve an estimated $40 billion market that Canadians with disabilities represent.

The program is a combined effort of the City of Sarnia, Tourism Sarnia Lambton and the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses, agencies, and individuals interested in the program can contact Normand for more information at 519-381-2116 or by email at [email protected].

Got an interesting business story? Contact Cathy Dobson at cathy.dobson or 226-932-0985.

 - Cathy Dobson

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