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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 - How old is Queen Elizabeth II? 2 - Take a bow.

1 - How old is Queen Elizabeth II?

2 - Take a bow. In what decade did the Sarnia Music Festival begin, making it the longest-running independently operated festival in Canada?

3 - What is the beef dish named after a 19th century Russian diplomat?

4 - To kick off Earth Day locally, volunteers helped clean up 25 what in the area?

5 - What famous announcement was made by concert hosts to signify to fans that an Elvis Presley concert was over?

6 - The Do It For Sarnia Block Party held Friday on Davis Street will be helping local resident Dan Edwards raise money for what department at Bluewater Health?

7 - Fittingly, the branches of what tree appear on the flag of the United Nations?

8 - According to personnel at the Sarnia Humane Society and City Hall, the most predominant dog breed in Sarnia is the

  1. a)  Shitzu    b)  German Shepherd    c)  Labrador Retriever

9 - You betcha! Despite having no legal training whatsoever, what former American politician is slated to be a TV courtroom judge in a proposed reality show next year?

10 - For the first time ever, boxes of what company’s popcorn will contain, not toys or trinkets, but digital codes used to access baseball-inspired smartphone games?

- Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – 90; 2 - 1920s (1929); 3 - Beef Stroganoff’ 4 – Parks; 5 - Elvis has left the building; 6 - Mental Health; 7 - Olive Tree; 8 - c) Labrador Retriever; 9 - Sarah Palin; 10 - Cracker Jack

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