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Sarnia City Council candidate profiles (part three)

The Journal has invited the 40 men and women running for Sarnia council to say a few words about themselves. Eight are to be elected: four in the city only, and four to also serve on Lambton County council.
Sarnia Vote

The Journal has invited the 40 men and women running for Sarnia council to say a few words about themselves. Eight are to be elected: four in the city only, and four to also serve on Lambton County council. This week we present, in alphabetical order, the final six city-only candidates. Joseph Santoro did not participate.

Marie Timperley

Marie Timperley

I am the owner-operator of a hair salon on Wellington Street in Sarnia.

Prior businesses I have owned or managed in the service of retail/hospitality industries have enabled me to build up a wealth of experience in finance, dealing with the public, interpersonal skills, teaching, decision making, creative arts and administration.

I am running for council because I feel the voting public has had enough of the past four years. I will work for the people!

I am a person who is effective and vocal and focuses on what we are elected to do, with positive outcomes. I feel more public input is needed.

I will be responsible with you tax dollars. Sarnia’s infrastructure, with accountability, needs a serious review.

A vote for Marie Timperley is a vote in the right direction.

Bryan Trothen

Bryan Trothen

In the next four years, Sarnia has an opportunity to be a stable, progressive community consolidating its assets and getting ready to reach greater potential. First, we must face the reality that over the last ten years our population has declined, but now seems to be holding steady.

Until now, our loss has been Toronto’s gain as the greatest share of the province’s growth and development has gone there. That pattern, however, seems to be changing as the housing crisis there has triggered a growing exodus that has reached London and is just beginning to reach us.

Our job is to be ready to take advantage of this development. We will do so by managing city finances prudently, addressing the urgent needs of city infrastructure, building reserves to deal with climate related and other emergencies, enhancing social programs to support people of all ages and conditions, and identifying opportunities to invest in community improvements through recreation, art, and culture.

Making our way through this transition period will require the focused energy of a civil and co-operative council, collaborating with and supportive of a dedicated and confident administration.

If elected, I believe I can make a worthwhile contribution to building a solid and progressive city.

George Vandenberg

I’m a first-generation Canadian. My parents came from the Netherlands after World War II.

I was born in Brampton, Ontario and moved to Sarnia in 1968. I attended Northern High School, graduated from the University of Western Ontario, University of Windsor, Ontario Police College, Canadian Police College and Canadian Emergency Preparedness College.

Served on the Point Edward Police Force and Sarnia Police Force as a Detective/Sgt.

I am currently employed as a Paralegal and am married with two children and two grandchildren.

I’ve been a board member and Chair, Sarnia and District Humane Society, for the past six years.

Member of Sarnia Street Machines, former member and VP of Bright’s Grove Optimist Club, and a former board member of the John Howard Society, Libro Credit Union and Chair, Sexual Assault Crisis Centre.

I want to promote Sarnia more in terms of tourism, business and jobs. Committed to helping all who call Sarnia our home and knowing that we live in the best place in Canada.

Marcelo Villanueva Jr.

Marcelo Villanueva Jr.

My name is Marcelo B. Villanueva Jr. and I am a candidate for City Council.

I have a B. SC. in Mechanical Engineering and am a certified Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technologist in Canada, Petrochemical Process Technician,  AutoCAD drafting technician, Computer Operator and a former professor who taught Mechanical Engineering at Adamson University.

I am also a former substitute teacher at Chatham-Kent Public School.

I have two years of a B. Arts major in political science and two years of a M. Sc. in Economics.

I have had 10 years exposure in politics, being the vice-president of Zone 49-50 in the 4th District of Manila, Philippines.

Since 1989 I have observed a steady decline not only in infrastructure but also a continuing increase in business failures and drug addictions.

City Council has also failed to address climate change and other issues, thus forcing me come out of political retirement after 44 years in Canada.

Please send any inquiries about my qualifications and accomplishments to my email at [email protected].

David Waters

David Waters

My name is David Waters and currently I work for Faethorne Place Housing Cooperative as a property manager.

The last few years I have served in various roles throughout the province. The last three years I served as the Provincial President for the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada, and have taken on a role as a Director on the National board.

I continue to serve on the Provincial Committee for Cooperators Insurance Group.

Currently, I am the Vice-President for Habitat for Humanity Sarnia/Lambton, which is an extremely humbling and rewarding experience.

As your councilor, I will strive for a brighter future in Sarnia, one that is offering the services and resources needed for growth and sustainability, inclusive of all. One that includes safe streets, affordable housing, and green space by investing in our infrastructure.

I will bring real life experience and common-sense politics. I will work hard to deliver sustainable, evidence-based and economically credible policies that make sense for our community.

I will stand for fairness, equality, opportunity, and justice.

I will be open, transparent and engaging, and most of all, listen.

I am The Change YOU Need, The Voice You Deserve!

Gail White

Gail White

I‘ve been a Sarnia resident for 28 years and am articulate and analytical (contract and Suncor refinery Inspector 20+ years), active in the community (Volleyball, Toastmasters, Quilt guild) and am compassionate (Grief group facilitator, Christmas memorial service organizer, past foster Mum).

I am skilled in technical, mechanical issues and work as a productive member of a multi-disciplinary team. I am invested in Sarnia, having a degree in Chemistry and graduated from Lambton College and raised my family here.

My decision to run for council was precipitated by the loss of four loved ones in fours years, my parents, my brother-in-law and my daughter.

I have not only survived but have become a better person. When a friend asked me to consider running for council, I knew this was the meaningful challenge I was looking for.

I’m interested in Sarnia’s infrastructure and finances, believing funds should be spent based on risk. Great strides in accessibility have been made and we need to keep the momentum going.

Let’s work on our local environment, pathways and growing people’s health using respectful, harmonious teamwork. I will bring a calm and effective demeanour to council having a scientific mind with a servant’s heart.

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