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Sarnia City Council candidate profiles (part four)

The Journal has invited the 40 men and women running for Sarnia council to say a few words about themselves. Eight are to be elected: four in the city only, and four to also serve on Lambton County council.
Sarnia Vote

The Journal has invited the 40 men and women running for Sarnia council to say a few words about themselves. Eight are to be elected: four in the city only, and four to also serve on Lambton County council. This week we present, in alphabetical order, the 12 city-county candidates. All participated.

Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson

Born and raised in Sarnia, I developed a passion for being a strong voice for my fellow citizens at a young age.

From 2012 - 2016, I served on the Community Advisory Panel at Bluewater Health in Sarnia. During my term, I worked with healthcare professionals and community members striving for a better patient experience for everyone.

I also served as Student Trustee on the Lambton Kent District School Board throughout 2015 and 2016.  Representing over 22,000 students and community members, I was a strong advocate for ensuring that young people were provided with a welcoming environment in which they could grow, develop, and learn.

I am excited about the opportunity to represent Sarnians at City Hall by making people the priority.

If I am elected I want to work towards establishing a Youth Advisory Panel comprised entirely of young Sarnians. This will provide a direct forum for our youth to be able to participate in the decision-making process at the municipal level of government and ensure their voices are heard.

I also want to focus on economic growth and development to ensure Sarnia is a city in which people of all backgrounds can find success for years to come.

Margaret Bird

Margaret Bird, published author and public speaker, has lived and worked in three countries before emigrating to Canada, bringing great experience and diversity ‘to the table’ - teaching, research, industry, business, project management, creative and cultural arts, communications, community volunteer and mentor.

Margaret worked for the Polysar/NOVA/Bayer group for 21 years in leadership positions of international scope.

Margaret loves to give back to the community - previously served on Goodwill Board of Directors, Lawrence House Board of Directors, and Lambton Mosaic Project; currently a member of Lambton Seniors Association Board of Directors, Alzheimer Society Judge for their annual writing contest; facilitates a weekly Writers Group and, on many occasions, has played in the senior residences and nursing homes, with other musicians, to entertain the residents.

Running for City/County Councillor, would give Margaret an opportunity to represent Sarnia Lambton, effectively … and ‘be part of writing the NEW CHAPTER’ we now need.

Your voices would be heard on everything and how issues are prioritized! Freedom of speech, accountability and transparency must be returned!

Margaret Bird would be very honoured to have this opportunity and hopes she has your support when Sarnia Lambton places their votes in October.

Dave Boushy

Dave Boushy

As a former MPP for Sarnia-Lambton and current City/County Councillor for Sarnia, my experience will help prevent major risks and problems that could result in heavy expenditures to taxpayers.

We should keep taxes down! My experience on Council and as MPP gives me the critical experience to bring positive and forthright leadership, steady leadership, and balanced leadership.

Sincerity, honesty and integrity are key issues. With me, issues change but the person’s integrity does not. You have to look at the candidates and their records.

To move forward: commercial and industrial companies have started to expand. They are the blood of the community. We should take advantage and make every effort to support them and economic growth, resulting in more, well-paying jobs.

During Council's last term, infighting did not shine a bright light on our community. Rather, it killed the vitality of our great city. We have to get back to fundamental common sense leadership, with everyone working together for what is best.

We need to keep Sarnia rolling. We need more jobs and job security. We need more opportunities and economic growth to continue. We need to fix the problems and promote Sarnia-Lambton as a good place to live, work and raise a family.

Andy Bruziewicz

Andy Bruziewicz

For the past 24 years it has been an honour and privilege to serve the people of Sarnia as your Councillor, and five years as your Sarnia Hydro Commissioner.

I stand before you today a man of no less passion and

courage than I had when I started my mission of public service. The only difference now is I have a greater knowledge and

understanding of the complex issues involved in the governance and operations of Sarnia and Lambton County.

My diverse experience will be an asset needed on the new council. It includes serving on most city committees, such as Sarnia Transit, Police Commission, Environmental, Heritage, Accessibility, Audit Committees.

I am a former Chair of St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, Sarnia Hydro and Lambton Area Water Supply System.

I am the only candidate serving on the provincial boards of the Ontario Municipal Water Association and Ontario Good Roads Association, elected to both in 2016.

I worked in the research department of Imperial Oil and was a corporate director of Nordex Explosives Ltd. and Sarnia Power Corporation.

My education includes graduating from Western University and Lambton College.

Thank you for your continued support. Let's continue working together for a better future for all of us.

Al Duffy

Al Duffy

As a life-long resident of Sarnia-Lambton and retired homeowner I feel I have much to offer the team that will lead this city forward in the next four years.

With my work on local committees such as Alzheimer of Sarnia Lambton, finance chair, the Communities in Bloom as fund development chair, and working with Tourism Sarnia Lambton organizing the Tall Ships 2019 I find rewarding and fulfilling.

I have found partnering with local companies and businesses, which has included St. Pats Technical Department that produced the planter stands in the new Centennial Park and Veterans Park, has been my most recent achievement.

Growing up in Sarnia and working at a local plant, I soon realized that was not the path for me.

Teaching for over 35 years and involved with the OSSTF union at the Provincial level as chair of the Contract Bargaining Committee, I gained a healthy respect for what unions have achieved and continue to do for Canadians.

Having been in one business or another over the years I also respect the drive and determination of the entrepreneurs in our democratic free enterprise society.

My campaign slogan “What matters to me matters to you” is very relevant in this election.

Norm Francoeur

Norm Francoeur

I was born and raised in Sarnia and I have returned to my home where I am heavily involved with Theatre Sarnia directing, acting, producing, set construction, etc.

I spent approximately 18 years in Fort McMurray working in Information Technology for the hospital and then the municipality.

I understand municipal financing and as part of my prior job have worked with virtually every municipal department. While in Fort McMurray I was in charge of multi-million dollar budgets, negotiated contracts (with vendors and as part of the management team during union negotiations).

I've always known that Sarnia has always been a hidden gem and a great place to raise a family. We need to invest in ourselves so that others will have faith to invest and see the same Sarnia that I do.

By showing cooperative leadership, a new council can work as a team to use our tax dollars as efficiently and wisely as possible. My Sarnia is a shining destination to stay, work, and play.

Now more than ever, we need creative people with vision and understanding. Change can be exciting for some but scary to others, however I am looking forward to being part of that change. Thank you.

Ian Hope

Ian Hope

My name is Ian Hope and I’m running for City/County Council.

With four incumbents your first decision is easy - if you’ve enjoyed our recent city soap opera just re-elect the status quo.

But if you’re disgusted with infighting, rising taxes, shrinking population, Centennial Park, the boat ramp, no upper tier funding for hospital demolition or oversized load corridor, etc., etc., then it’s time to reboot.

As an engineer, analyst and project manager for 30-plus years, I’ve contributed to and led initiatives from small to world scale, from vision to reality.

I don’t rubber stamp; I do accept my responsibilities; I do understand living within our resources.

I have the experience and willingness to ask the questions and dig for the answers to represent the electors. That openness and commitment isn’t easy, but it’s key if we are to ensure that staff & council work together to meet the needs of the citizens of Sarnia.

Throughout my career, our teams have initiated ideas, recognized opportunities and constraints, defined scope, and built success together.

I believe my proven record of success is what we need at city hall.

“Hope for Sarnia.” It’s time to put these skills to work for you.

Bev MacDougall

Bev MacDougall

A four-term member of City and County Council since 2003, including one two-year term as Warden of Lambton County in 2015-16,

I am a thoughtful, informed decision maker and passionate community builder with an unwavering vision of a sustainable community anchored by:

*A strong, diversified economy that encourages entrepreneurism and business development in traditional and emerging sectors of employment - industry, agriculture, tourism and commerce, along with bio-industrial innovation, advanced manufacturing and high tech enterprise.

*Responsive infrastructure renewal based on thoughtful long-term planning towards timely investment into roads, sewers, civic facilities and natural areas, along with provision of reliable broadband Internet connectivity enabling participation in the digital economy.

*Responsible fiscal management that balances debt reduction and growth of reserves with responsible spending to deliver sustainable municipal services.

* Safe, livable neighbourhoods and a healthy environment that takes responsibility for community safety, clean air, water and land resources, responsible waste management and rehabilitation of areas in our community that need assistance.

* Multi-faceted transportation systems encouraging active transportation - developing pedestrian and cycling routes as part of interconnected road and trail networks that makes a place for all forms of transportation - including affordable and accessible public transit.

John Parker

John Parker

John Parker attended SCITS, Petrolia District High School, and Ryerson Institute of Technology, where he studied business.

He attended the Canadian Officers Training Corp, became a Lieutenant, and serviced with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corp, as a regular and reserve.

From 1962 to 1972 he was the credit manager, sales representative and district manager of the Glidden Paint Co.

He then attended the University of Toronto, purchased two paint stores, added a paint manufacturer and created a company with sales of $2.5 million.

Parker retired to Sarnia in 2012 and currently operates a painting and handyman service.

He said he is running for council at the urging of friends and incumbent councillor Brian White. He wants to use his skills to find solutions and improvements to the serious issues facing Canadians today.

Parker is eager to try to ensure efficient spending of taxpayer dollars in the Sarnia area, but not limited to provincial and federal jurisdictions.

Parker feels governments often spend too much for too little, and many times on ill-conceived projects.

He also feels more transparency and accountability must be made available to the public, before and after spending.

He also wants to encourage more public input.

Graham Pedregosa

Graham Pedregosa

Hello Neighbours.

I’m running because Sarnia needs a council that’s responsive to residents. Sarnia has to be a great community to grow up in, to grow old in and to raise a family. That’s the Sarnia I know and it’s the Sarnia we must maintain.

In order to build Sarnia up, it must have city councillors that will work together, find solutions to citywide problems and focus on the people.

Over the past few years I co-founded a successful creative agency, TMRRW Inc. in downtown Sarnia, managed a $1.2-million student association, and am currently building a new co-working space to attract young entrepreneurs and businesses to Sarnia.

In recent weeks we have knocked on thousands of doors and I hope to meet you in the coming days. I want to be accessible and I am committed to public service.

I believe we need to be proactive in public safety, upgrade our parks with new lighting and equipment, continue to develop our waterfront and neighbourhoods, be an effective negotiator with the Provincial and Federal government for Sarnia, review and plan in improving our infrastructure, and attract new jobs and families.

Learn more about me at

Mike Stark

Mike Stark

I am running for Sarnia City/County Council for the expressed purpose of bringing an experienced voice to council. I have served on three local councils in the past and I have seen a continual decline in the commitments to local Infrastructure over the past thirty years.

The constant infighting has led to distractions that have left the local taxpayers disgruntled and forgotten. When we amalgamated the City and the Town of Clearwater, it was with the understanding that a more efficient City would deliver services more cost efficiently and ultimately more enhanced. That has not happened.

If elected, I intend on working collaboratively with my elected colleagues to develop a 10-year plan to address the Infrastructure Shortfalls the are identified in Cities Asset Management Plan, which was updated as recently as July 18, 2018.

In my view, the council of the day and its predecessors have failed miserably in the delivery of these key services, which are the basic responsibilities of a municipal council.

Lets get back to basics and start delivering what the taxpayer expects of elected officials.

We need an experienced voice to get this council back on track. I humbly, ask for your support. Thank You,

Mike Stark

Brian White

Brian White

I am a father, small business owner and community advocate.

I look forward to continue fostering relationships that help build Sarnia's reputation as a positive and progressive choice to invest, live and enjoy a good quality of life.

During this past term of council, I supported improved transparency, citizen engagement, investment in modern I.T. infrastructure and community redevelopment, among many other priorities. We've come a long way.

This coming term, infrastructure is top priority. Decades of neglect has to be addressed with smart financing of our streets and city assets. As well, we must focus on making the connections that improve upstream services that ensure community health and wellness are achieved, while making Sarnia a safer city.

We must build on the many recent investments in our community to help offset the tax burden we all face.

A population growth and retention strategy is key, along with following through with our Parks and Rec Masterplan. We're doing great things together. Let's continue.

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