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Q&A with Tom Laird, Christian Heritage

Q1: The climate crisis and changing attitudes globally have put fossil fuels in the crosshairs.

Q1: The climate crisis and changing attitudes globally have put fossil fuels in the crosshairs. Any ideas on transitioning the Sarnia-Lambton economy to one less reliant on oil and gas?

Tom Laird

LAIRD: The Canadian Federal government needs to continue R&D required for transitioning to renewable energy sources such as bio fuels, etc.

But Canada, and Sarnia-Lambton in particular, processes fuels as clean as anywhere in the world with the pure knowledge that fossil fuels will be in use worldwide for the next century. You can ask yourself, “Where in the world would I rather have oil and gas refined?” This question needs more consideration.

Q2: Many of our young people are drowning in student debt and home ownership has become a pipe dream. What can be done to make life more affordable for young people in our community?

LAIRD: Accessing higher educational has always been a struggle. We cannot remove people from the need to balance the educational choices from the probable career opportunities. In terms of owning a home and the rising cost of home ownership, we need to restrict the foreign ownership of Canadian homes. This would lower the cost of housing. Likewise reintroduce the Bank of Canada to help reduce interest rates.

Q3: Vaccine passports. Where do you stand, personally, on government requiring citizens to provide proof of vaccination to attend events and access non-essential services?

LAIRD: Vaccination should remain a personal choice. It may make sense for you. In as much, Section 7 of Canadian Charter of Rights is clear that a Canadian citizen has the right to refuse medical treatment. Your choice should also be confidential. The issue is one of Civil Liberties. The implementation of Vaccine Passports is unconscionable. Full stop.

Q4: Canada’s federal debt surpassed a mind-boggling $1 trillion this year and is growing at the rate of $17 million each and every hour, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Are you concerned about federal spending, and if so, what can we do without?

LAIRD: The Canadian federal debt should be a concern to every citizen, especially those in authority. We are spending money like our country is in the black. Think of it as robbing from our grandchildren and their children because of wasteful spending.

What “investment” is worth borrowing money from foreign nationals that we have no intention of repaying? (for there is no plan).

Eventually the burden of debt enslaves. The CHP would pay off the national debt like a household mortgage. We would gradually refinance through the Bank of Canada to reduce the senseless drain of interest paid to foreign lenders.

Q5: What, to you, is the most important issue in Sarnia-Lambton right now, and why?

LAIRD: Of course there are many; however housing affordability, not a lack of housing. Because of unbelievable costs, many families can't even imagine how they might ever afford the luxury of owning a place to live. Every Canadian citizen has the right to live, and housing is a part of that.

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