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Q and A with Liberal candidate Anne Marie Gillis

Q – eHealth. Wind turbines. ORNGE. The gas plant fiasco.
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Anne Marie Gillis, Sarnia Lambton Liberal candidate, June 13 provincial election

Q – eHealth. Wind turbines. ORNGE. The gas plant fiasco. Why should residents vote Liberal after all the scandals of the McGuinty/Wynne years?

A - The historical record of the Ontario Provincial Liberal government has been disconcerting to many Ontarians including myself.

Kathleen Wynne does not shy away from these issues but rather has taken responsibility them, apologized to the Ontario people and has put in place new rules to ensure that they will never happen again, such as mandatory record keeping and staff training.

New rules to limit political staff involvement in commercial 3rd party transaction. And the re-introduction of The Accountability Act, which will prohibit the willful destruction of government data and create a penalty for doing so.

The Liberal Government has also restored some of the decision-making powers regarding new renewable energy projects back to municipalities, and I will work extremely hard to get all zoning powers restored to Municipalities.

Q – Local business says the price of electricity is killing them.  What will a Liberal government do to make hydro more affordable?

A - The Liberal government will help business with the cost of electricity by reducing electricity costs by up to 15% for large users that are making new investments, and by up to 20% for conservation minded large electricity users. Also a Liberal government will help energy ratepayers pay for energy saving technology by stretching the payments for new investments on their energy bills over a number of years.

Q – You’re practically synonymous with Communities in Bloom in Sarnia. Why is that important to you?

A - The Communities in Bloom program gives its participants the opportunity to showcase all that is good about their community. The communities within Lambton County that have participated in the program have seen the benefits that come from the program, resulting in provincial, national and international positive exposure. We promote our community to the world.

Q – As a city councillor, how do you feel about the Liberal government’s refusal to adequate fund the decommissioning of the derelict Sarnia General Hospital.

A - The Liberal Government is not refusing to fund the re-purposing of the Sarnia General Site. The Minister of Health suggested at a recent meeting of stakeholders that a plan be developed that would benefit the community and the residences surrounding the site. Once the plan is developed the Minister of Health would take the lead in finding the funding for demolition.

Q - Name one thing you would do for Sarnia-Lambton that the other candidates can’t or won’t?

A - Work with all member municipalities to resolve the OMPF (Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund) funding issue, so that Municipalities are part of the process directly.

 - Tomorrow online, Green Party candidate Kevin Shaw

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