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Nutritional consultant puts focus on prevention

Cathy Dobson Lisa Matlovich likes to put the whole picture together before advising a client.
Lisa Matlovich has opened a nutritional consultanting office in Sarnia. Glenn Ogilvie

Cathy Dobson

Lisa Matlovich likes to put the whole picture together before advising a client.

As a registered nutritional consultant, she says it’s important to take into consideration all the factors that impact her clients’ health, not just what they eat.

If there’s a doctor involved, she wants to know what they say. If there are lifestyle considerations, she wants to discuss them.

And if there are medications or chronic conditions, they will be important factors when she talks about diet.

That’s one reason she opened her nutritional consulting business in the same office as two dental hygienists, Brenda DiMuzio and Pam Jackson.

The three professionals share a new location at Centre Point Plaza at Indian and Exmouth streets (Near No Frills).

“You don’t see this often, but diet and teeth go together,” said Matlovich.

Matlovich worked as a nutritionist for about seven years in Sarnia before quitting in 2003 to return to school and care for family.

Her own health issues held her back, but now Matlovich says they’ve been resolved and she is ready to start consulting again.

“My journey has taught me that food selection and how we eat are far more important than taking supplements,” she said.

She anticipates her client base will be focused on preventive, not reactive, healthcare.

“And for those who are already sick, I want to help them become healthier so they can deal with their illness better.”

She is also trained to consult on food sensitivities, allergies, and to assist diabetics with food plans.

Matlovich has a string of credentials. On top of training in applied and advanced nutrition, she holds a degree in physical anthropology, an applied science Master’s degree in nutrition, a certificate in sports nutrition, and various certifications that enable her to consult on cravings and addictions, and probiotic and antibiotic usage.

She has also taken an introductory pharmacy course.

“If I don’t know the answer to something, I will find out. I never accept, ‘I don’t know.’ Never.”

Lisa Matlovich, registered nutritional consulting practitioner, can be reached at 519-333-8604 or by visiting [email protected].


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