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Letters: Week of Oct. 29

Businesses still not accessible Sir : Since 2002 I have tried, to no avail to shop the small businesses here in Sarnia.
Letters to the editor

Businesses still not accessible

Sir: Since 2002 I have tried, to no avail to shop the small businesses here in Sarnia.

I tried by being part of the Accessibility Committee, doing many newspaper articles, a video on Facebook and writing many letters to the editors of Sarnia’s newspapers.

I have even approached, and sat in my wheelchair, at the door of many businesses just so they could actually see I cannot get into their establishment.

One person at one business told me I would not spend enough money in one year for them to make the change.

Most of these businesses have just one step and a small slope ramp would do the job. The word business does not apply to any of these people. They just do not care.

I do realize that they do not have to make the changes if they have fewer than 20 employees.

When new businesses, restaurants, and stores are introduced to the community in our local papers it would be very much appreciated if you could inform the public whether they are accessible in the article or advertisement.

That way I do not have to subject myself to the disappointment and embarrassment, and the businessperson will not be embarrassed.  (That is sarcasm.)

Bonnie de Koning



Wrong candidate elected

Sir: We were very disappointed to read that the final vote tally for Sarnia-Lambton was 39% in favour of keeping Steven Harper in power.

We can’t understand how even one person would vote to continue the corruption in the PMO, the muzzling of scientists, the complete disrespect for the Supreme Court, and the destruction of our environment.

How could anyone continue to vote for a Prime Minister who had not the love of Canada as his inspiration, but rather, the destruction of the Liberal Party?

We had a clear choice in Sarnia-Lambton, and that was Dave McPhail. Why Dave? It’s because Dave was a proven champion.

Nearly 500 jobs were saved here by his leadership in saving the Sarnia jail, not to mention his countless hours of charitable work. Dave McPhail would have used his boundless energy to continue to serve Sarnia Lambton in a selfless and passionate way.

The NDP hoped to be elected by subversively publishing polling surveys showing that they were the party to vote for strategically, but made sure the date of the survey was in such small print it wouldn’t be noticed. The 31% of you that voted NDP didn’t notice that these figures were from 2014!

We want to congratulate Dave McPhail on running a campaign with the highest integrity, and hope that despite this setback he will continue to serve us.

Yours sincerely,

David and Marianne Nichols



Symphony’s first show was bedazzling

Sir: On Oct. 16 my wife and I attended the International Symphony Orchestra’s opening show of the 2015-16 season entitled Be Dazzled, and we were indeed bedazzled by the tremendous energy of these very talented musicians.

The theme was the Mystical East and included Greek folk songs and traditional Turkish folk songs. An instrumental group from London, The Light of the East, added greatly to the audience enjoying a truly memorable evening.

Keep up the great work, ISO. Sarnia is indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding group of dedicated and talented musicians.

Ken Lockrey


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