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Letters, week of Nov. 5

What Happened to Democracy? Sir: It looks like we are now living in a dictatorship, not a democracy.
Letters to the editor

What Happened to Democracy?

Sir: It looks like we are now living in a dictatorship, not a democracy.

The provincial Liberals have turned a blind eye to the wishes of the people of Ontario who made it abundantly clear that they are opposed to the sale of our hydro system.

They even ignored the advice of the person they hired to examine the proposal when he told them the sale would result in a great loss of provincial revenue.

Have they made commitments to “friends” who will ultimately benefit and reap huge profits when hydro rates become even higher?

Wynne, in campaigning for Trudeau, promised to scrap the provincial pension plan if he was elected. Well, he was elected but ads promoting the pension plan keep appearing on TV (paid by taxpayers, of course).

So, It appears this was just another of the many promises she has no problem breaking.  After all, the province needs money and will continue to dig into people’s pockets until there is nothing left.

It looks like she is intent on pushing ahead with her own agenda, regardless of the devastating impact it imposes on the province.  I shudder to think of how much more damage she will inflict before the next election.

It is my understanding that if investigations into the gas plant fiasco, deleted emails, etc. reveal that the Liberal government is guilty of criminal offences, they can be turfed without waiting for an election. The OPP who supported the Liberals, even with an election TV ad, are investigating these matters and have been doing so for years. Is this not a conflict of interest?  Should not the RCMP or an impartial body (not selected by the Liberals) be looking into these matters?

Wynne and her cohorts have to be stopped before there is nothing left worth saving.

Bernice Rade



McPhail lost because of Liberal record

Sir: This is a response to the authors of the letter, "Local voters elected the wrong candidate," of Oct. 29.

Did you really expect that Sarnia-Lambton voters would vote for Justin Trudeau and his sidekick Kathleen Wynne?

You mentioned the “corruption of the PMO”- what about McGuinty’s gas plant scandals and the destruction of government records pertaining to their cancellation? “Destruction of our environment”- have you seen the ugly power line towers placed along the old Hwy#7 corridor (Thedford to Parkhill) and the Ausable River Gorge, one of the prettiest spots in Lambton County on a fall day.

Or how about the windmills that were placed just over the fence line from the Rock Glen Conservation area?

I realize Dave McPhail has done some very good work in the Sarnia-Lambton area, but to say that the residents voted for the wrong candidate shows the kind of disrespect Liberals have for taxpayers and democracy in general, something which Wynne has once again demonstrated in her recently developing teachers’ union scandal.

Mike Sellon



Trudeau reign will be short

Sir: I would like to reply to the Nichols couple who said I voted for the wrong candidate.

For the first time in 60 years I actually voted for the winner in our local riding. And I still ended up a loser.

When I voted, it was not for the Conservatives but against the Liberals and the NDP.

Harper was the only leader who put his foot on the brake when it came to allowing refugees into the country.

Now I have never met a Muslim I did not like, but that is because I have never met one. Keeping women bundled up to their eyeballs goes against the grain for me.

Of course all other religions discriminate against females, which is why I don't belong to any organized religion.

Our new Prime Minister may allow 25,000 refugees into the country but most will be shuttled through the Province of Quebec, because Quebec will not want to spend it's newfound riches, from the Prime Minister, on looking after refugees.

I predict it will be four years and out for the Liberals

Jim Clarkson



Motorist respect for funerals is impressive

Sir: I am honoured to be one of the hearse drivers at Smith’s Funeral Home.

I am so impressed with the respect that drivers in Sarnia show as a funeral procession passes – pulling over to the side of the road and stopping.

Guests from other areas often comment, “This would never happen where we live.”

The families of the deceased, their guests, and our staff appreciate your courtesy.

Jim Boyes

Point Edward


What it’s like at my school

Sir: I would like to tell you about the school that I go to.

First of all, I’ll tell you my school’s name. It is Cathcart Boulevard Public School, and it is a great elementary school. We are called the Cathcart Cougars.

In our school we have 22 classrooms, a library, a gym, and a staff room. (The teachers use the staff room to have their lunch in). Speaking of lunch, we have two nutrition breaks as well.

For each classroom, there's obviously a teacher, and we also have two music teachers and two French teachers. Since Cathcart is an elementary school the grades only go up to 8.

We also have EQAO two times, once in Grade 3 and then in Grade 6. You do have to do EQAO in Grade 9, but that is in high school.

In our school library we have a TON of books, and all the credit goes to our school librarian, Mrs.Hrvatin. I mean, if she wasn’t here, then I bet our school library would probably have a trillion less books.

And our gym is just amazing. We have a parachute that we can put a rubber chicken or fish on, and then BOUNCE them up in the air. We also have four soccer nets, a whole rack of basketball’s and a lot of other things.

Well, I guess this is where I will conclude my little speech about my school.

Umar Iqbal


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