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Letters: week of June 28

Disappointed boater takes another kick at the can Sir: Now that Centennial Park and the new Sarnia Bay boat launch are complete, life should be good, right? Not Quite.
Letters to the editor

Disappointed boater takes another kick at the can

Sir: Now that Centennial Park and the new Sarnia Bay boat launch are complete, life should be good, right?

Not Quite. The marina operator refunded money to over 30 of us that were overcharged on boat launch passes due to some kind of “computer glitch," and returned the rates to the 2016 levels.

Everyone can come free of charge and enjoy all that Centennial has to offer, including new restroom facilities. But those of us who pay to use the new boat launch have nothing, not even a tree or bushes to use.

The old municipal boat launch on Sarnia Bay had two porta-potties. Last year, at Bridgeview Marina, they also had one for boaters to use.

This year, the multi-million dollar, brand new boat launch has nothing.

What kind of a deal is this?

Steve Anderson


MP’s Mexican comments appalling

Sir: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made Canada proud at the recent G7 summit by securing with the European Union, Germany, Japan and the U.K. an investment of nearly $4 billion to improve educational access and opportunities for women worldwide.

When girls become educated, their long-term outcomes improve and entire families have better chances of rising out of poverty.

Sadly, while Prime Minister Trudeau was selling Canada in a positive manner, Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu was making Donald Trump-like prejudiced and unjust comments of her own in the House of Commons, calling Mexicans ‘criminals’ and embarrassing Canada in the process.

Gladu insisted Mexican visitors to Canada are involved in the illegal drug trade and that the legalization of pot will allow Mexican criminals to “move in and take over the whole thing.”

The Mexican embassy responded with a written statement: "Comments based on stereotypes are inaccurate and hurt the dignity of the Mexican people and should be avoided,” it said.

A legal marijuana market will actually make it harder for the black market to exist.

While Trudeau was fighting for impoverished women and our dairy, steel and aluminum industries, local MP Gladu was making false and appalling statements in Parliament.

Global News reported the actual number of Mexican ‘criminals’ trying to enter Canada was a small fraction —0.25% —of all Mexican nationals arriving between 2012 and 2015.

The good people of Sarnia deserve more from a federal MP than an echo chamber for Trump’s intolerant rants.

In 2019, when the next election comes, perhaps change should be in the air. Our nation and our community don’t need embarrassment from disgraceful commentary.

Stanton Earle


Please try to save the log cabin in Canatara Park

Sir: I am writing about the historic log cabin in Canatara Park and the plan to demolish it, with some parts kept and used in a replica cabin once fundraising is complete.

I would suggest that before we commit to demolishing an historic building we contact Heritage Canada, which is expert at properly evaluating the conservation and restoration techniques of rare structures. Their architectural conservators could assess the cabin's preservation diagnosis.

I have historical links with this community going back over 180 years through my father's family, who settled in Plympton Township in 1833, and later in Sarnia around 1904.

I would remind the citizens of Sarnia that this building likely date to 1840-1860, a period in our history from which we have very few surviving structures.

It was brought to Sarnia sometime in the 1930s and was at one time owned by the family of city benefactors William and Maude Hanna.

As a community and as a city, this is one of our 'pearls,' just as Dundurn Castle is a gem to Hamilton, and the 'Grange,' built in 1817 and one of York’s principal houses, is a gem to Toronto.

As a community, we have an unequalled opportunity to preserve the cabin according to museum standards, and give it a new lease on life to serve the citizens of Sarnia for decades to come.

We might even, through Heritage Canada's intervention, get federal funding to complete the project.

It would go a long way to eradicate, in a small way, the impression that Sarnia’s preservation record.

Richard Trusler


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