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Letters: week of July 19

Marilyn Gladu looking out for interests of riding Sir: The Internet is awash with false allegations of “racism” and “homophobia” aimed at causing reputational damage to those who dare to disagree with the modish Leftist agenda that dominates public d
Letters to the editor

Marilyn Gladu looking out for interests of riding

Sir: The Internet is awash with false allegations of “racism” and “homophobia” aimed at causing reputational damage to those who dare to disagree with the modish Leftist agenda that dominates public discourse.

Stanton Earle’s (June 28) letter in The Journal about MP Marilyn Gladu was designed to dupe decent people into not voting Conservative. He really does believe people are too stupid to think for themselves and make up their own minds, whether that involves deciding how to vote or making a considered judgment about any politician.

Take note, the majority of Ontarians voted for a fiscally competent party, and let us hope that it continues federally too.

Thankfully, I am not part of social media, the favourite playground of deranged fantasists, outright liars and conspiracy theorists.

A majority in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, but again self-serving politicians want to remain.

MP Marilyn Gladu has the best interests of Sarnia in her portfolio, and long may it last.

Peter Clarke


Gladu’s positions spelled out clearly in Hansard

Sir: In his July 12 letter, Russ McPhee claims my comments about MP Marilyn Gladu were taken “out of context” and from a CBC article.

Actually, they were based on Hansard; the official record of Parliamentary debates, in which the MP states: ‘The government also eliminated the visa requirements for people coming in from Mexico, so lots of experienced people could just move in and take over the whole thing.”

Afterward, MP Gladu doubled down with reporters from that absurd angle, which I quoted.

It is awful enough MP Gladu speaks about Mexican people with contempt, but it’s worse when any critique is declared Trump-style ‘fake news.’

“One of the amendments they (Liberal Party) did not accept had to do with banning of promotional things like T-shirts, caps, and flags that would have a cannabis symbol on them. I am very concerned about that. Everybody will have a T-shirt with cannabis on it. That will be disgusting.” (MP Gladu; Hansard June 13, 2018)

The Conservative Party often loudly states it ‘stands for free speech,’ yet it would apparently ban shirts they don’t like.

MP Gladu falsely equated the pot issue with Bill S-228, Liberal Party legislation to limit marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to kids, which the World Health Organization links to childhood obesity.

Yet MP Gladu opposes that: “We allow them (15 and 16 year olds) to fly planes, to get their driver's licence, all kinds of things. It seems like we need to err on the side of personal choice and individual responsibility.” (MP Gladu; Hansard Dec. 12, 2017)

But for Gladu and her Conservative Party ‘personal choices’ apparently don’t include the T-shirt you choose to wear.

And finally: “I am very opposed to the legalization of marijuana.”(MP Gladu, Hansard June 13, 2018).

This clearly indicates how out of touch she is with Canada’s electorate. Dalhousie University research showed 68% of Canadians agreed or strongly agreed with legalizing pot.

And, incidentally, until their terms expired, eight of 10 CBC board directors were appointed by Stephen Harper and were direct political/financial contributors to the Conservative Party.

Fake news, indeed.

Stanton Earle


Failure to embrace change causing churches to close

Sir: Regarding the July 5 story, “The gospel truth: Some churches closing while others flourish.”

As a newcomer to Sarnia, I have been spending some time looking for a church community to join. I am certain there are many good churches in this wonderful city, as I have yet to visit all of them, but to date I have not found a good fit.

I come from a church community that sees upwards of 1,200 parishioners each week. Believe me when I say it’s not the facility that draws us in. We meet in an old curling rink with no windows and stackable wooden chairs.

What keeps this very large congregation coming each week is uplifting and relevant sermons, with an emphasis on acceptance, diversity, community service, love and respect for our fellow humans and the world we live in.

For me, this focus on acceptance is displayed by the church’s non-judgmental attitudes, values and policies, starting with an open-ended dress code with anything from blue jeans, shorts and flip flops to designer dresses and pearls.

The contemporary music is amazing, which I believe is what brings in many young persons and families.

Finally, as unconventional as it may be, a coffee and tea bar greets us upon entering, and anyone who wishes can grab a cup of Joe before the service begins. Amazingly enough, drinking coffee in church has had no adverse effect on receiving God's message.

My point is, many of the churches I have attended recently seem reluctant to accept change, and yes, "get with the times."

A reliance on the old church ways — organ, hymns, choirs complete with robes etc. — does not send a welcoming message to a younger demographic.

There are many new ideas and realities being utilized in churches. I think you'll find that those churches willing to investigate new ideas are surviving, and even thriving.

The inspirational sermons, sense of community and opportunities to serve, among other things, found in church each week is definitely worth the risk of trying something new.

Failure to adapt will inevitably bring about the closure of many more churches. That would be an incredible shame.

K.E. Rose


Kudos to local centre for aiding injured birds of prey

Sir: This past spring, I found myself in a situation that led me to Lynn Eves, founding director of the Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehabilitation.

She turned a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

We are truly blessed to have this centre in Lambton County, and Lynn available to us. The centre is a non-profit organization run by volunteers through private donations. It is not government funded.

It provides education and teaching to hundreds of school-aged children as well.

Lynn should be commended for her compassion and dedication. Please help this worthwhile cause with donations of cash, old towels and blankets, bird seed, even carpentry skills – all are welcome.

For more, visit

Nicole Seager

Bright’s Grove

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