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Letters: week of Dec. 21

Mayor’s actions are the source of community divisiveness Sir: There’s a pervasive perception that city council has gone rouge, pursuing a self-serving agenda at the expense of logic and reason, to the detriment of all.
Letters to the editor

Mayor’s actions are the source of community divisiveness

Sir: There’s a pervasive perception that city council has gone rouge, pursuing a self-serving agenda at the expense of logic and reason, to the detriment of all.

Hyperbolic hysteria blackens pages and is shouted from the mouths of people who lay blame for all the city’s problems at the feet of this battle-weary council.

It has been a war of words (often by proxy) of Council vs. Mayor: two divergent views, one rooted in truth and operating in good faith, the other attempting to distort and subvert the truth. The narrative has been perpetuated by skewed media exposure and a lack of objectivity.

We would all like to move forward but we can’t, because of the mayor’s wounded pride and those whose sympathies lie with him.

It isn’t ignorance or malice that has polarized council and the city, it’s the mayor’s actions: An absence of sincere contrition on his part for past transgressions, as well as a complete unwillingness to work within his mandate or collaborate with council. He views it as zero sum political game he intends to win by opposing anyone who tries to hold him to account.

The mayor likes to see these things play out in the court of public opinion. There he can rely upon his base, who he has spent years ingratiating by adopting and championing their causes big and small, getting redress for them and in return getting their patronage to defend and support him.

People still have a hard time seeing these veiled micro-aggressions and accepting his faults. It seems easier for some to practice cognitive dissonance - unable to reconcile two divergent views of the “man they thought they knew.” They find comfort instead in the familiar, and find fault in scapegoats.

These tired tropes will continue to be perpetuated again and again until Election Day in the hope Mayor Bradley will emerge absolved and vindicated by the will of the people.

Brad Cullis



Christmas is time to realized we’ve strayed from the Bible

Sir: Christmas is a good time to think about life. Over my three-quarters of a century I have seen many changes.

During my days in public school the day began with a Bible reading, the Lord’s Prayer, the anthem and announcements.

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals, one of the most important being, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Children in classrooms today don’t hear anything from the Bible. The Gideons aren’t even permitted to distribute Bibles in public schools.

Freedom of religion is now freedom from religion. Life seems to be about ‘me’ and the right to do what ‘I’ want.

There is little respect for teachers, parents, elders or the law. It seems what was considered wrong is now considered right, and what was right is now wrong.

Free marijuana and other drugs should help us make some good decisions.

It’s outrageous that boys and girls barely out of babyhood are being introduced, in some schools, to perverse adult behaviour. They know where to get condoms, an abortion, a sex change and a gun.

I think the ways of God are truly better than the problems of the today’s world. Is the wealthiest person the most successful? Is unrestricted sex making people happy and content in meaningful relationships? Is there less violence and crime? Are more possession giving us a better life?

A recent article noted the less wealthy give more to charity. Are we intelligent enough to learn from the past? Or will we continue to destroy ourselves?

I have been married to the same man because God’s love is in our marriage. I believe following the Bible and God’s commandments gives us more contentment and more joy. I would not trade places with anybody.

Why not check out the real meaning of Christmas? The shepherds and the wise men went to check it out, and I hope you check it out before we all kneel before the King of Kings. Think about your life. It can be a blessing, or a curse.

Merry Christmas.

Ann Allen



Golden K Kiwanis thanks community for ongoing support

Sir: The members of the Sarnia-Lambton Golden K Kiwanis Club would like to thank the citizens of Sarnia-Lambton for their generosity and support this Christmas season.

Our Claxton Fruit Cake event was a wonderful success thanks to the many loyal customers who continue, year after year, to buy the cake at Christmas time.

The proceeds support youth activities such as the Great Lakes Key Club, P. E. McGibbon Builders Club, Sarnia-Lambton Aktion Club and students attending the Kiwanis Key Leader Camp in Brantford, Ont. Without your support these projects would not be possible.

Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sheila Donald

Sarnia-Lambton Golden K Kiwanis Club


City folk should stop whining about a few hunter gunshots

Sir: Really?

Do the residents of Sarnia have nothing better to do or something more important to complain about than the sound of gunshots from a few duck hunters?

Such typical southern Ontario city-dweller mentality, a severe case of “not in my backyard” syndrome.

It will be over in a few days and I am sure it won’t have had any long term ill effects on your wonderful little city lives, except maybe to move the geese out of the area for a while and relieve you of the goose poop mess all of you complain endlessly about.

At least you’re getting free help with the issue, so stop whining!

So glad I left southern Ontario right out of high school. I never grew up around such a bunch of pompous people in my life as those in my neighbourhood on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Frank Good

Lloydminster, AB


Rude snowmobilers destroying Howard Watson Nature Trail

Sir: With the first snowfall, rude and dangerous snowmobilers are once again destroying the Howard Watson Nature Trail!

The trail signs at each side road clearly indicate no motorized vehicles are permitted. Yet snowmobiles tear up the new gravel surface that tax dollars and public donations have paid for.

People walking on the trail are in danger when these heavy, unstable machines weave back and forth at top speed. Someone could be seriously injured.

For those of you who live along the trail, I encourage you to call Sarnia Police (519-344-8861) to report snowmobilers on your section of the trail.

My wife and I will be carrying our cell phone for the rest of the season to report these lawbreakers. Many volunteers work hard every year to keep the trail beautiful and safe.

Let’s all give them our support! Sincerely,

David J. Nichols



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