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Letters: week of Aug. 9

About those wet paper bags Sir: Regarding the July 12 story about picking up shrub, grass and other yard waste in paper bags. I think this is good process, ecologically, but it will need to be done on a weekly basis.
Letters to the editor

About those wet paper bags

Sir: Regarding the July 12 story about picking up shrub, grass and other yard waste in paper bags.

I think this is good process, ecologically, but it will need to be done on a weekly basis.

I would suggest Sarnia council check out the curbside pick-up in the town of Fonthill, Ont. Once a week, on a specific day, they pick up grass clippings, compost, shrubs cuttings, garbage and recyclables.

The yard waste and garbage must go in paper yard bags, and recycle boxes are used for paper and plastic.

My only concern about Sarnia switching to paper is that paper bags don’t stand up in wet conditions. If you must keep grass for a week or longer the bags break up when wet.

Paper garbage bags were used 55 years ago in the town of Dryden, and they worked, but the pick up was done weekly.

I believe councillors should consider a better management plan.

Randy Dennie


Gladu’s comments were offensive

Sir: In the Aug. 2 edition, letter writer Don McClintock objected to another letter writer, Stanton Earle, monopolizing space in The Journal’s comment pages.

Taking Mr. McClintock’s stated guidelines as a rubric, I would like to relieve Mr. Earle of the responsibility of monopolizing space this week and relay my concerns “about conditions or situations in our community” that I would like to see addressed.

Our MP, Marilyn Gladu, is ALWAYS one of them.

She wrote and recited a poem (A PO-EM!) in the House of Commons last year in which she objected to the legalization of marijuana. Ten years too late. Maybe 20.

In June, she stood up in Parliament and spewed nonsensical and offensive comments about Mexicans.

Seems to me, an MP in an agriculturally rich riding might want to pretend to be tolerant of a country that supplies many of our migrant workers. All the time.

And considering weed is already being grown in Sarnia-Lambton for the legal market, she will be supported by its taxation. Sheesh.

I enjoy Mr. Earle’s letters. He is a fact-finder, using modern principles with regard to elected persons, and expects, like many of us do, a mature, thoughtful and representative Member of Parliament.

Any time he needs a rest I would be happy to bring some 2018 to the comment pages. Yours sincerely,

C.M. Law


Needs of seniors ignored when city approved recycling deal

Sir: Like many who keep track of world events in the news and elsewhere, I’ve reached the place where very little surprises me anymore.

Most of it you can’t do much about anyway.

Then some really dumb thing appears in the media, which at the very least calls for a letter of rebuke. I refer to the city’s latest faux pas, it’s new recycling contract.

Admittedly, I was very heartened that we seniors were factored in prominently in Cathy Dobson’s article, and the quote from Vicki Reeve about the decision impacting seniors was helpful, and quite true.

As a senior, I began using clear blue plastic bags about a year ago for the simple reason they are much easier to handle than a blue box, and you don’t have to go back out and drag the empty box back to your home.

But the major argument against this new contract is the increased cost. They say it’s “about 30%” more expensive.

I love those ballpark figures. They’re always lower than the actual amounts.

And who pays all that money? Taxpayers, a great many of whom are seniors here in Sarnia. This will make the whole system less attractive and a whole lot more expensive.

Isn’t this a local election year?  Think about it, mayor and council. Sincerely,

Jim Duval


There should be consequences for motorists who drive badly

Sir: I like to ride my bicycle to the hardware store and the stores around the mall.

I realized long ago I would need to watch out for cars and trucks, because they certainly weren’t out looking for me.

Recently, I had incidents in a four-day period.

First, a lady in a Land Rover came right at me after driving over a parking island at the grocery store.

Not two minutes later, at the curb waiting to see who wanted a piece of me next, a young kid driving a big truck with big wheels laid on his big horn after a little Jetta cut him off.

A few days later, watching a young girl run a red light, I felt my insurance premiums rising.

Finally, while using the crosswalk at Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s, I looked up to see a vehicle turning right and coming right at me.

I yelled that I had the right of way. She just chirped at me and kept right on going.

Not to put down the police, because they do a fantastic job, but maybe, just maybe, they should issue a few more tickets for improper road actions.

I know when I was a young driver losing demerit points and paying higher insurance rates really hurt me in the pocket book.

As a result, I’ve had one ticket over the past 39 years.

Cam Ross


New ash-scattering platform on Point Lands appreciated

Sir: I'm not sure if readers are aware that a platform to scatter ashes in the St. Clair River has been installed on The Point Lands, near the Sidney Smith Dock.

The platform is a perfect spot to spend a few moments, to sit and relax.

I, for one, will certainly be making use of it, although hopefully not in the very near future.

Thank you, to all those who raised the funds to make this project happen.

Susan Topley


Elect the most experienced council members in next election

Sir: In the upcoming municipal elections, an experienced candidate for mayor should be elected.

Mike Bradley is the most experienced and well versed over the years, dealing with the intricacies of politics and human nature.

Mike Bradley, along with Dave Boushy, would be able to lead any new members elected to city council through these intricacies.

They would ensure the best results and relevant subjects are dealt with, without the irrelevant being discussed.

I am sure respectable candidates like Mike Bradley and Dave Boushy will be elected to city council.

Robert Smith


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