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Letters: week of Aug. 15

Why the politicized global warming movement is a total fraud Sir: The global warming movement is the most extensive and most expensive public relations campaign in the history of the world.
Letters to the editor

Why the politicized global warming movement is a total fraud

Sir: The global warming movement is the most extensive and most expensive public relations campaign in the history of the world.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was created to find and disseminate research demonstrating a human impact on global climate, is not a credible source. It is an agenda-driven and political body, rather than a scientific one, and some allege it is corrupt.

Climate scientists, like all humans, can be biased. Origins of bias include careerism, grant-seeking, political views and confirmation bias.

Contrary to the scientific method, the IPCC assumes the implicit hypothesis that dangerous global warming is resulting, or will result from, human-related greenhouse gas emissions. Its only duty is to collect evidence and make plausible arguments to support that hypothesis. It simply ignores the alternative hypothesis, amply supported by empirical research, that the current observed changes in global climate and physical environment are the result of natural variability.

In his book ‘The Scientific Attitude,’ C. H. Waddington warns it’s important that scientists be ready for their pet theories to turn out to be wrong. Science cannot allow judgement of facts to be distorted by ideas of what ought to be true, or what one hopes to be true.

Almost 80 years later, Waddington’s prescient statement still merits careful examination by those who assert the fashionable belief that human CO2 emissions are going to cause dangerous global warming.

In their book, ‘Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming,’ scientists Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter and S. Fred Singer of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), counterbalance the politicized IPCC and scientifically shows what a total fraud the global warming movement truly is.

Their most recent report, 'Climate Change Reconsidered II,' is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary compilation of technical papers covering a large variety of important topics and will be appreciated by all who desire reliable, up-to-date information.

The voices of real scientists need to be heard. Yet this report has been demonized by environmental advocacy groups, censored by the mainstream media, and threatened by politicians and their allies in government agencies.

Peter Clarke


One Canadian prime minister omitted from list

Sir: A July 25 article about the Insignia Hotel contained a list of prime ministers who were past guests at the Drawbridge Inn. It should have included Canada’s only female prime minister, Kim Campbell.

Suzanne Côté 

Sarnia Journal

Winners of the antique and classic boat show announced

Sir: The Bluewater Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society would like to thank the people of Sarnia and area for their support.

We held our 9th annual Antique and Classic Boat Show Rendezvous on July 20 at the Sarnia Bay Marina. Over 135 people were welcomed through the doors to view boats from a past era.

We had boats from Sarnia, Wallaceburg, Courtright, Chatham, Erieau and Michigan. The staff of Sarnia Bay Marina and Bridgeview Marina worked with our club and made sure the event went off smoothly.

The award winners were:

President’s Choice –Jeanne and David Harper, Port Sanilac, Mi.

Captain’s Choice –Keegan Wade, Sarnia, Ont.

People’s Choice – Would…Aye, Jeff Horley of Courtright, Ont.

Children’s Choice – Slightly Altered, Ron Wade, Wallaceburg Ont.

The Best Glass – John Hundt, Chatham Ont.

Thank You,

James Fellows

ACBS, Bluewater Chapter

Everywhere you look there’s weeds, weeds and more weeds

Sir: When are the City of Sarnia, Lambton County and Province of Ontario going to start cutting down their weeds?

Drive down Highway 402 and there is mile after mile of weeds, weeds that will soon be going to seed and blowing all over the countryside.

I asked Mayor Bradley about the highway weeds and he said the Transportation Ministry is going with the natural look. Sorry, but the natural look is not a good look.

Mayor Bradley said he would raise the "weeds" issue at the next county council meeting. I asked at the county, and their next meeting is Sept. 4. The weeds will have gone to seed by then.

Why hasn’t the MTO cut down these ugly looking weeds? Calls to MPP Bob Bailey’s office about weeds were not returned. Maybe Bob was out cutting weeds down.

A first-time visitor to Sarnia must wonder why Hwy. 402 is clogged with weeds. Most roads in the U.S. have their weeds cut. The U.S.A even has the prison chain gangs out cutting weeds.

When I called the Lambton County office about ditches plugged with weeds, I was told to talk to the roads department. The lady said I would have to submit a list of roads with weeds growing out of control.

I told her the roads department could choose a new road every day because there are no roads in Lambton without weeds. She insisted I send her a list of roads. I told her I didn’t have time to compile such a list, and if "roads" was doing its job, they would know what roads had weeds growing out of control.

Is this not included in their job description?

Ken Moore


Councillors opposing rainbow crosswalk not prejudiced

Sir: Just because city councillors Margaret Bird, Dave Boushy and Terry Burrell vote “no” for the rainbow crosswalk requested by the LGBTQ society (which is all about sexual gender) it doesn’t mean they are prejudiced.

It just means “no” and no explanation is required.

Councillors represent the people of Sarnia as a whole, and I’m sure these councillors were just trying to exercise their commitment to serve the people’s wants and interests.

Why did the other councillors vote “yes” is anybody’s guess, but it’s their right and job to vote as they see fit.

Some councillors represent their constituents well, some just vote as they feel, and some do not even know their constituents exist.

This crosswalk is city property, and as far as I’m concerned it should not be disfigured by anyone.

John Parker


Thank you Doug Armstrong, for bringing Stanley Cup home

Doug Armstrong, the St. Louis Blues general manager who brought the Stanley Cup home to Sarnia on July 26, is part of a local hockey tradition.

It started with his dad Neil Armstrong, an NHL linesman and Hockey Hall of Fame member who officiated a total of 1,744 games.

A lot of hockey stories were told downtown on Cup day, some true, some lies, and some hockey lies, the best ones.

I met Neil Armstrong years ago through my uncle and got to golf with him at Huron Oaks. What a day for a teenager who dreamed of playing for the Leafs. Just like this visit of the Cup, which touched the lives of young children who hope to live the dream.

The Armstrongs are great people, the kind of role models this country needs. I thank people with hearts like theirs, who come back to share their success. May some of it rub off on all of us.

Cam Ross


Rejected plastic recycling bags more litter on the street

Sir: I believe the City of Sarnia is violating it’s own littering bylaws.

The city is responsible for refuse collection and thus keeping our streets free of garbage.

Since the new rules started on July 1, the collectors won’t pick up yard waste or recyclable items in plastic bags. They stay on the curb until the owner picks them up or re-bags them, or they spit open and scatter their contents all over the street.

This is determent to public health and the aesthetics of the city. It also is an environmental issue that seems to be ignored by the powers that be.

Duane Skuce


Councillor should resign for comments about MP Marilyn Gladu

Sir: Regarding the Aug. 8 article, "Councillor, MP clash over Christian beliefs."

In my opinion Councillor Nathan Colquhoun should apologize to MP Marilyn Gladu for his comments about her on Facebook.

This kind of behavior from a councillor or anyone else is not what Sarnia or Canada is about.

As for the subject of Christianity and Ms. Gladu's support for Israel, that is her choice and freedom to do so.

Personally, I believe there is no room for Nathan Colquhoun on Sarnia council, and he should resign. Respectfully,

Geoff Weager


Cromwell parking lot would be better venue for Greekfest

Sir: In the years I have lived in the Sarnia area I have enjoyed attending Greekfest many times in a few different locations. Since the event moved downtown to the Scotiabank parking lot between Christina and Front streets, I understand they have struggled to get their annual permit approved.

I now live downtown, and although I understand the impact Greekfest has on our local residents who purchase parking permits for the lot in question, I do have to mention how busy the pedestrian traffic was in the area on Greekfest weekend this year.

Although the event was a bit loud on Friday, the added shoppers, overall politeness and behaviour of visitors made it top notch.

As a business professional, I do not want to lose this opportunity for our downtown merchants, or penalize our Greek community over parking.

Mayor Mike Bradley and the City of Sarnia parking authority are constantly promoting the use of the municipal parking lot off of Cromwell Street when faced with concerns and complaints over the limited public parking downtown.

Why not relocate Greekfest to this underutilized lot, and put their money where their mouths are?

Rebecca Wilkinson 


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