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Letters, week of April 30

Senate is a waste of money Sir: Canadian taxpayers who fork out $100 million a year for the Senate are finding out about this bunch of political hacks.
Letters to the editor

Senate is a waste of money

Sir: Canadian taxpayers who fork out $100 million a year for the Senate are finding out about this bunch of political hacks.

After 150 years since the Senate’s creation, they still don’t have a fixed system of rules, laws and regulations. In 150 years these adults have been incapable of setting rules that can be followed by anyone with reasonable intelligence.

Kind of explains a lot of what’s wrong with Ottawa. Overpaid and underperforming.

Peter Tomkins

Point Edward


Don’t give away valuable city land

Sir: Caroline Di Cocco recently wrote an excellent letter concerning the future of the former Sarnia General Hospital site.

The 7.5-acre site has an assessed value of about $17.7 million. I trust that our esteemed politicians will wisely sell this property for its proper value, and don’t foolishly give it away at a bargain basement price.

Also, the Bayside Mall in downtown Sarnia is situated on city-owned property. If the current owners of the Bayside Mall or future owners want to purchase this valuable land, then it is only logical that the city gets an assessed value for it.

This large piece of prime real estate is definitely worth millions of dollars. Don’t give it away at a bargain basement price!

In closing, I applaud our city councillors who have set a target for the City of Sarnia to be debt free within five years. Fantastic!

I suggest that any windfall resulting from the sale of the former hospital property and downtown property be automatically designated to pay off the City of Sarnia debt.

Ken Lockrey



Take a moment and thank a volunteer

Sir: This year, during National Volunteer Week let’s shine the light on the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers who are making our communities better places to live, work, and play.

Ontario Trillium Foundation investments create a ripple effect of volunteerism across the province. Here in the Essex, Kent, and Lambton areas, more than 4,500 volunteers contributed approximately 100,000 hours of their time to support organizations that received funding from our Foundation. If we translate their efforts into monetary value, it comes to almost $2.6M of giving!

I know that there are so many more people here in Essex, Kent, and Lambton, who give their time and energy to help out their neighbours. So take a moment to thank volunteers for all that they do.

Maurice Janisse

Essex, Kent, and Lambton Grant Review Team

Ontario Trillium Foundation


Earth Day cleanup a success for Outdoor Club

Sir: The Lambton Outdoor Club wish to thank everyone who helped

us celebrate Earth Day this year by volunteering their time to clean up garbage along the Howard Watson Trail. Approximately 100 people from various groups such as the 4T’s group, Scouts & Cubs, Enbridge, and local neighbors all gave their time to this effort. All sections of the trail were cleaned from Mandaumin Road to Confederation Street. These efforts help to keep the most successful nature trail in Lambton County in pristine condition. We look forward to continuing support from everyone as the Lambton Outdoor Club continue with this annual event.

Tony Abbott


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