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Introducing the Inaugural Business to Business Resource Night: Connecting, Learning, and Scaling

In an era where businesses often find themselves submerged in day-to-day operations, the significance of strategic planning and growth can often be overshadowed.

In an era where businesses often find themselves submerged in day-to-day operations, the significance of strategic planning and growth can often be overshadowed. Recognizing this challenge and the abundance of local resources available to support business growth, the inaugural "Business to Business Resource Night: Connect. Learn & Scale." is set to take place at the Four Points Sheraton in Point Edward on March 26th, 2024. This event aims to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs, founders, and key decision-makers to connect with over 25 industry experts, learn about diverse fields, and equip themselves with resources vital for their businesses' success.

The inception of this event traces back to the visionary insight of Michael Bryce, a prominent local entrepreneur who owns and operates two successful businesses in Sarnia: Michael Bryce Financial Solutions Inc., specializing in holistic financial planning, and Custom Group Services, dedicated to optimizing Group Health and Pension solutions for businesses. Inspired by the success of the "Realtor Connect Trade Show" organized by Julie Jenkins of Exit Realty, Bryce envisioned a similar event tailored to cater to the broader spectrum of businesses in the Sarnia-Lambton region.

Central to Bryce's vision was the recognition of the multifaceted challenges faced by business owners today. Often engrossed in the operational intricacies of their ventures, many find little time or energy to focus on strategic aspects crucial for long-term success. With the aim of bridging this gap, the B2B Resource Night emerged as a conduit for facilitating meaningful connections and providing invaluable resources to empower businesses not just in 2024, but well into the future.

The event's thematic focus encompasses critical areas such as Recruitment and Retention, Marketing and Content, Profit Maximization, AI Integration, and Compliance. Recognizing the magnitude of organizing an event of this caliber, Bryce collaborated with a dedicated planning committee comprising accomplished professionals from various sectors. This diverse group, including Martin Vrolyk of Campfire Media, Lisa Isaac of Lisa Isaac HR, Jayvie Burgess of Verticalize Creative, Bryan Meere of The Meere Team at Exit Realty, and Marika Sylvain Groendyk of Mindful Message Co., collectively steered the event towards fruition.

In addition to the planning committee, an impressive lineup of local experts has been curated to offer insights and guidance to attendees. Partnerships with esteemed entities such as The Sarnia Journal, Automax Sarnia, Polaris Leasing, Blackburn Media, Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce, and others further enrich the event's offerings, ensuring a diverse array of resources tailored to meet varying business needs.

Recognizing the importance of incentivizing attendance, the committee has arranged an array of valuable prizes focused on enhancing business success. These prizes, including a $500 Spotlight Article from The Sarnia Journal, $1000 Radio Advertising Credit, $750 Last Will and Testament Credit, and complimentary Social Media Advertising, serve as additional motivation for local business owners to engage actively with the event.

Attendance to the Business to Business Resource Night is free, with registration required for entrepreneurs, founders, and key decision-makers in local Sarnia-Lambton businesses. Utilizing a trade show format, the event offers attendees the flexibility to network efficiently at their own pace. Registration can be completed online through the provided Eventbrite link, with on-site registration available on the day of the event.

As the inaugural edition of what promises to be an annual fixture in the Sarnia business community, the Business to Business Resource Night embodies a commitment to fostering collaboration, driving growth, and fortifying the economic landscape of the region. For inquiries and further information, interested parties are encouraged to contact [email protected]. Stay updated on event developments through the official Facebook page.

In a landscape where collaboration is paramount and resources are invaluable, the Business to Business Resource Night emerges as a beacon of opportunity, poised to empower businesses and propel them towards sustained success.

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