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Homegrown Cannabis: Cultivating Community in Downtown Sarnia


Jordan Denomme’s vision for downtown Sarnia is as vibrant and lively as the city itself. This July 5th, the grand opening of Homegrown Cannabis will be a testament to his belief in the potential of the area and his commitment to the local community. The story of Homegrown Cannabis is not just about another cannabis shop opening its doors; it’s about a heartfelt endeavor to create a space where community, education, and local pride come together.

A Vision for Community

“Downtown is made up of local businesses that want what’s best for the community. That’s what I want to be part of,” Jordan says, reflecting on his decision to open his shop in the heart of Sarnia. His passion for the area is palpable, driven by a desire to see downtown thrive. Jordan sees endless potential in the city and is eager to contribute to its improvement.

From Big Brands to Local Roots

Jordan's journey to Homegrown Cannabis was paved with experiences in large corporations, but his heart was always set on something more meaningful. “I’ve been part of big corporations in the past, and they just don’t have the same priorities as I do,” he shares. Jordan's focus is clear: providing for the community and building genuine relationships, rather than merely cycling through customers.

A Personal Touch

At Homegrown Cannabis, the emphasis is on personalized service and community engagement. “Homegrown cannabis is about customer service on a local level,” Jordan explains. The shop will feature loyalty programs, educational resources, and a welcoming atmosphere designed to make every visit a positive experience.

All staff will undergo rigorous training with CannSell, ensuring they are well-equipped to offer both welcoming and informative service. This focus on education and customer interaction reflects Jordan’s commitment to destigmatizing cannabis and making it accessible and accepted by all adult consumers in the community.

Supporting Local

Homegrown Cannabis is dedicated to supporting local Ontario growers and suppliers. “Local products will come first here,” Jordan asserts, highlighting his collaborations with local suppliers for exclusive accessories. This dedication to local sourcing extends to potential partnerships with neighboring businesses, aiming to offer complementary products and services that enhance the customer experience.

Reflecting Sarnia’s Character

The shop itself will be a reflection of Sarnia’s unique character and interests. Jordan envisions a space where customers feel comfortable and at ease, appreciating the informative aspects scattered throughout the store. “We want to know our customers' names, likes, and dislikes so we can give them the best service possible,” he says. This personalized approach is a cornerstone of Homegrown Cannabis, differentiating it from national chains that often lack such intimacy and care.

“Welcome Home”

“Welcome home” isn’t just a slogan for Jordan; it’s the essence of the experience he aims to create. As customers walk through the door, greeted by the distinctly fresh scent, they should feel both excited and comfortable. The shop’s design, warm and welcoming, invites everyone (over the age of 19) to explore cannabis in a stigma-free environment.

Long-Term Goals and Community Investment

Looking ahead, Jordan’s goals for Homegrown Cannabis extend beyond mere transactions and keeping money in Sarnia rather than having corporate headquarters extracting money out of the Sarnia community. He aims to build lasting trust between the supplier and consumer, a relationship that has been crucial even before cannabis legalization. “We want to continue to invest in downtown so it can one day be its best version,” he declares, underscoring his long-term commitment to the community.

Grand Opening

The grand opening of Homegrown Cannabis, located at  173 Christina St N, on July 5th at, First Friday, will be a celebration of local pride. With giveaways and door prizes, Jordan and his team are eager to meet more locals and introduce a comfortable way to purchase cannabis.

As downtown Sarnia continues to grow and evolve, Homegrown Cannabis stands as a beacon of local business and community spirit. Jordan’s vision, rooted in genuine care and a desire to contribute to the area’s potential, is sure to make Homegrown Cannabis a beloved addition to the downtown landscape.

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