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Simply OMG: On its way to Michelin-Stardom

Tucked away in Sarnia's Eastland Plaza, Simply OMG is a culinary gem that rivals even  the most esteemed establishments in Toronto and New York. 

Owned and operated by a dedicated husband and wife team, this unassuming restaurant delivers Michelin-star quality dishes that exceed all expectations. 

Having explored food tourism in various metropolitan cities, I can confidently attest that Simply OMG surpasses them all.

What really sets Simply OMG apart is its remarkable affordability. For just $79.99 plus tax, we were treated to a lavish feast consisting of 8 impeccably crafted plates – a deal that's unmatched in both quality and quantity. This two-can-dine Tuesday deal is so good I felt like I was stealing.

Our culinary journey began with the Roasted Garlic Cauliflower soup – a velvety concoction infused with fragrant garlic and adorned with charming edible flowers. It was a delightful prelude to our meal.

The Tomato Quinoa Salad was an abundance of flavours and textures, featuring a base of crisp mixed greens, herbed quinoa, and pesto-dipped tomatoes drizzled with aromatic basil oil. Each bite offered a fresh and invigorating experience, striking a beautiful balance between vibrant freshness and subtle acidity.

The Falafel stole the show with its crispy exterior and tender interior, perched atop a delicate nest of super fine crispy pasta and crowned with a luscious garlic cream sauce and vegan caviar pearls – a true textural masterpiece.

But the Guacamole Shrimp Wonton Cups were the stars of the appetizer selection, boasting succulent blackened juicy shrimp, decadent beet jam, and fragrant basil oil – a flavour explosion that made me wish my whole meal was just ten wonton cups.

The main courses continued to impress, with standout dishes like the Chicken Al Funghi – pan-baked chicken drumsticks smothered in a creamy mushroom garlic sauce – and the butter-seared salmon, featuring a crispy exterior and juicy flesh bathed in a white wine orange sauce.

What truly elevated the mains were the roasted potatoes. Cooked to perfection in delicious duck fat, these potatoes were a revelation. I never knew roast potatoes could truly melt in your mouth, but each bite was succulent, smooth, and simply perfect.

Despite our burgeoning bellies, we couldn't resist indulging in the delectable desserts. The Apple and Blackberry Crumble offered a perfect blend of sweet and tart flavours, while the Strawberry Crumb Cake delighted with its chewy crust and tender crumb. 

One of the most captivating aspects of Simply OMG's culinary prowess lies in their mastery of sauces. Every single dish presented to the table had a sauce, drizzle, or reduction that was made completely from scratch. Each dish was not only impeccably prepared but also elevated to new heights by the artistry and finesse displayed in their sauces. 

Throughout our dining experience, the impeccable presentation and attentive service reaffirmed my belief that Simply OMG is in a league of its own. The owner's background as a trained pastry chef, coupled with her team's experience working alongside Michelin-rated chefs, is evident in every aspect of the meal.

In conclusion, Simply OMG has raised the bar for dining in Sarnia. Whether it's a romantic date night, a casual wing night, or a leisurely brunch, I am willing to forgo all other restaurants in favour of this place. Simply put, Simply OMG is amazing. Catch them for a meal before this business skyrockets and it becomes hard to get a table – there is no doubt in my mind that this is where they are going. 

Sarnia Nibbles is a long-time downtown resident of Sarnia, with an insatiable love for food. They came to life on Instagram as a delicious extension of a personal love affair with food, drink, and the vibrant local community. The creator aims to capture the essence of Sarnia’s food scene, showcasing hidden gems, time-honoured favourites, and stories behind the dishes that make this city a gastronomic treasure trove. Sarnia Nibbles prides themselves on honesty, including the good, the bad, the delicious, and the disgusting in their reviews. For more, follow Sarnia Nibbles on Instagram.

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