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Gyro Greatness: Why ‘Your Place’ in Sarnia Deserves a Visit

We recently visited Your Place at 118 Christina St North in Sarnia, a charming restaurant that has kept its name and reputation under new ownership. Despite the recent change in management, the new owners have embraced the restaurant's legacy, proudly continuing to boast the "best gyros in town" right on their sign. Naturally, we were intrigued to see if they could live up to this claim. To our delight, they did not disappoint.

The Gyro Experience

From the first bite, the chicken gyro was a surprise. Each component of the gyro came together harmoniously to create a delicious experience. The chicken was perfectly tender and juicy, marinated in a blend of seasoning that provided a subtle and flavourful kick. The pita bread was soft yet had just the right amount of chewiness, providing a perfect vessel for the gyro. The tzatziki sauce deserves special mention. It was creamy and rich, with a perfect balance of tanginess and garlic that elevated the entire gyro. This was not just a sauce; it was a velvety companion to the tender chicken, adding a fresh, cool contrast to the warm, savoury meat. The gyro was also generously topped with fresh lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and finely sliced onions, adding a crisp texture and burst of flavour with every bite.

Shawarma Delight

The shawarma at Your Place is another must-try. It features tender, thinly sliced meat marinated in a rich, aromatic blend of seasonings. The shawarma was wrapped in a soft pita, filled with a vibrant mix of vegetables and drizzled with a tangy, slightly peppery sauce that tied all the flavours together. The meat was cooked well, retaining its juiciness. Paired with an ice-cold fountain Coca Cola, it was delightful.

Nostalgic Interior

Stepping into Your Place feels like a step back in time. The interior is quaint, with old-school wood panelling on the walls and, surprisingly, full carpeting—a rare find in modern restaurants, especially in downtown Sarnia. We couldn’t decide if we loved or hated the carpet, but it made for fun table talk. This nostalgic setting is complemented by the iconic red plastic Coke cups that many will remember from days gone by. They even still use plastic straws, which, although not the most environmentally friendly choice, added a touch of nostalgia to our experience (sorry, turtles).

The overall ambiance is warm and inviting, despite the need for a few updates. The charm of the slightly dated decor adds to the unique character of the place, making it a cozy spot for a quick lunch or casual dinner.

Hiccups and Hilarity

While our overall experience was enjoyable, there were a few hiccups. The menu had several spelling errors and strange decimal points, and there was a hilarious double image of a hamburger that looked like a bad Photoshop job. Additionally, some of the menu images appeared to be AI-generated, which was amusing but also highlighted the restaurant's growing pains as they work out the kinks. Ordering had its moments of confusion, particularly when upgrading our sides, but these seemed to stem from staff who are likely still getting the hang of things. We appreciate these early stumbles as part of the charm of a renewed establishment finding its footing.

Final Thoughts

For the price, the value at Your Place is decent. The cost for two of us to enjoy a hearty meal, with drinks and sides, was a very reasonable $41.49 before tax. At $13 for a shawarma on its own, it’s a great deal for a quick lunch in downtown Sarnia. The poutine was also a standout, with well-done, perfectly salted fries and a smooth beef gravy. Overall, we genuinely enjoyed our visit to Your Place. The combination of hearty food, nostalgic ambiance, a kind waiter, and the promise of growth and improvement make it a spot worth visiting. While there are some areas that need fine-tuning, these quirks add to the current charm of the place.

True to their word, Your Place offers a fantastic gyro experience. If you’re in downtown Sarnia and looking for a delicious, reasonably priced bite, Your Place should definitely be on your list. We’re excited to see how this budding establishment evolves in the future.

Sarnia Nibbles is a long-time downtown resident of Sarnia, with an insatiable love for food. They came to life on Instagram as a delicious extension of a personal love affair with food, drink, and the vibrant local community. The creator aims to capture the essence of Sarnia’s food scene, showcasing hidden gems, time-honoured favourites, and stories behind the dishes that make this city a gastronomic treasure trove. Sarnia Nibbles prides themselves on honesty, including the good, the bad, the delicious, and the disgusting in their reviews. For more, follow Sarnia Nibbles on Instagram.

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