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Grind Kitchen & Bar: A Real-Life Scavenger Hunt to the Best Lamb in Town

Finding Grind Kitchen & Bar might be a challenge, but let us assure you, the journey is well worth the treasures that await at 265 Front St N.

Finding Grind Kitchen & Bar might be a challenge, but let us assure you, the journey is well worth the treasures that await at 265 Front St N.

A brisk, windy, and somewhat confusing walk after dark takes you to the back of the building, revealing this hidden gem behind the St. Clair Corporate Centre. 

Upon arrival, the lack of clear seating instructions left us more puzzled than the walk itself, but we were determined to devour Sarnia’s most talked-about dining experience. Despite the initial seating ambiguity, the lively and bustling atmosphere within Grind Kitchen & Bar was a good sign that we were in for a treat.

Our visit unfolded with the Lobster Dip, a generous serving of creamy cheesy lobster served with crispy fried wontons and pita triangles. Topped with a dreamy balsamic glaze bruschetta mix, this appetizer left us lingering in the realm of indulgence.

The star of the evening was undoubtedly the Lamb Shank, a masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship. The braised lamb shank, cooked to absolute perfection in a tomato and rosemary jus, literally fell off the bone. The slow braising process transforms the meat into a tender revelation, effortlessly parting from the sticky bone with the mere suggestion of a fork. The accompanying potatoes were flawless, elevating this dish to the best lamb shank Sarnia has to offer. 

Equally impressive was the Salmon Oscar, a plate that showcased the freshness and richness of the salmon. Bathed in a delightful, sweet chili lobster cream sauce, the amalgamation of flavors created an experience akin to a sumptuous seafood feast. The expertly cooked vegetables and potatoes complemented each dish, contributing to an overall gastronomic delight. 

Each month Grind offers a crème brûlée feature for dessert, which is something you don’t want to miss. We indulged in this month’s feature, a peppermint chocolate rendition. The sheer joy of cracking through the delicate caramelized surface to reveal the creamy goodness beneath was a moment to savour. The velvety custard and perfectly browned sugar crust deliver a highly satisfying experience when breaking it with the edge of your  spoon. 

While the monthly change in crème brûlée flavours adds a creative touch, a permanent spot for a traditional version would be a welcomed addition for those who appreciate the timeless simplicity of this classic treat.

Starting as a notable caterer to special events, Grind Kitchen & Bar has transformed into a bustling destination where locals can relish 5-star fine dining quality on a daily basis for a mid-tier price. The gradual shift from catering and occasional pop-ups to introducing a lunch menu and ultimately establishing itself as a full-service venue is a testament to Grind's dedication to meeting the city's demands with precision and flair.

Unveiling Grind Kitchen & Bar behind the concrete complex is a journey well-rewarded, where initial challenges dissolve into an exceptional dining experience. 

Don’t skip on the chance to elevate your palates at this local diamond in the rough. 

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