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LETTER: Let's keep pressing our politicians to fund mental health care and housing


Thanks to journalist Cathy Dobson and photographer, Glenn Ogilvie for their excellent work on the ‘Stories from the Street’ series. They’ve done a great job.

The tragedy of homelessness is a result of decades of under-funding of supportive and rental housing by federal and provincial governments. Much needed psychiatric hospitals were closed, resulting in far fewer beds to treat those with mental illnesses.  

Both governments also stopped funding new social housing, leading to too much reliance on the private sector which has demonstrated little interest in building lower-cost rental housing.

Charities and not-for-profits have been left to fill the gaps that our elected representatives have created through decades of irresponsibility. 

So, let's keep pressing our politicians to accept their responsibilities and fund mental health care and housing adequately. 

This provincial government can stop renovictions which lead to unfair evictions by passing new legislation. They can choose to protect Ontario citizens who rent instead instead of protecting private profit. 

Let's keep donating and helping where we can, but let's also let politicians know that our votes depend on them taking real action to solve the mental health and housing crises that are harming so many of our neighbours.

Vicki Van Linden