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LETTER: Journal reader appreciates 'local, hometown feel'

Letters to the editorsmall

Just a note to congratulate you, The Journal staff and others who contributed to the January 3rd, 2024 [edition].

The new format is well done and easy to scroll through to locate exactly what the reader is looking for. 

The Mayor's Honour List was a very good read showcasing several hard-working, dedicated citizens of our great city and presenting a broad spectrum of talents, caring and sharing. 

Photographer Art Connolly's series 'Humans of Sarnia' takes us to a place where we meet new and interesting people without leaving our homes. 

Permanent markers called Storyboards in Veterans' Park feature the 8th and last storyboard, this one relating to the Boer War. Locals Lou Giancarlo and Tom Slater are responsible for this unique work. 

There are many other interesting articles to read in our daily Journal and what this publication has always done is give the readers 'that local, hometown feel'...and leaving other media to cover world news. Have a great 2024!

Nadine Wark