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LETTER: Funeral Home owners’ ‘kind, human touch’ goes a long way

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

Re: Family values at the heart of Smith Funeral Home

I would just like to congratulate the Smith Family on a wonderful transition.

Having a funeral home is much more than caring for the body and helping arrange a service. It takes a very special person to be in that profession. It's all about empathy, caring, supporting and guiding people through a tragic loss of a love one at a very difficult time of their life — I’ve been there — and I couldn't have done it without the Smith Family.

I had the pleasure of knowing Don's mom and dad. We all traveled with the Braves for ten years. And I saw Scott and Emily grow up to be the wonderful people they are. 

You are from good stalk, you have great morals, and have been taught and guided by the best.

You are hard workers and very professional — yet , maintain a kind human personal touch.

All the best Scott and Emily — with a future of success, Don and Loraine. Thank you. 

Enjoy your well deserved retirement. You have done so much for the community and your friends.


Marie Cebulski