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LETTER: From Council, to Facebook, to Human Rights. Where will it end?

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

Re: Human Rights complaint launched against Sarnia City Councillor

How could Councillor Bill Dennis, possibly misconstrue the meaning of the Sarnia-Lambton Children's Aid Society's, job posting as harmful or divisive?

The families this organization is required to deal with come from diverse nations, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and situations most of us can't imagine. 

This is not, ‘one size, fits all’ type of work. 

The average person cannot begin to understand or have great empathy for the challenges faced by Indigenous, and Black persons, or those who identify their pronouns, or gender, as "other," or be effective, if there's a language barrier. 

Just as Mr. Dennis (as a realtor) might wish to hire a salesperson, his posting would specify, "real estate experience, required," as opposed, to just asking for a "salesperson." 

Common sense dictates that he would want someone best-suited for real estate not a car or furniture, salesperson. That, is exactly what the Children's Aid posting, did. It stated specific skill requirements, suited, to their type of business.

By any stretch, what makes that harmful or divisive?

Apart from the above. Councillor Dennis, seems prone to disruptive outbursts, disparaging remarks, and postings. The more he vents these verbal and written diatribes, the more he sounds like Donald Trump. Never, having met Mr. Dennis, I cannot say if these are inborn character traits, but whatever causes his lack of self control, and impairs his good judgement, keeps him from being a good candidate, in any official capacity.

I have witnessed moments when Mr. Dennis, seemed an effective member of council, but sadly, he dispelled the illusion by running off, at the mouth, disparaging the mayor, or other persons, in chamber.  Clearly, he does himself a disservice, and has likely doomed his chances at the next election.


Dorothy Allan