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LETTER: Civility in politics starts locally

Letters to the editor

In a recent article released by the press, Mayor Bradley is right when he warns that “civility in politics” is far worse now than at any point in his 36 years in office, and political polarization is “damaging“ the country.

Civility left Sarnia when our Mayor was found to have harassed and bullied “5 women” in our administration.

We have seen first-hand how a lack of civility can polarize a community and we have seen others in local politics who believe a lack of civility is acceptable and attractive to their voting base.

The work of city council has been interrupted by angry outbursts during council meetings and has been condoned and even encouraged to the point where the work of council has been halted.

I would suggest that Mayor Bradley bring civility back to his own house first and when another councillor asks for a Point of Order to halt incivility in a council meeting, that Mayor Bradley acknowledges that call for intervention.

Once civility at home is accomplished, then tackle it on a national level.

Debbie Martin