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LETTER: Better transit needed for local seniors

Letters to the editorsmall

I am an active senior that has not been able to drive for ten years. 

I live at Sandy Lane and am subject to the control of Point Edward Council as to my availability to access the Sarnia Transit. 

The Point Edward bus schedule is hourly between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. It takes me to the terminal at Shoppers on Exmouth. If I want to go further I have take another bus or two or three depending on my destination. 

For example, to get from Sandy Lane to Walmart, I have to take three buses with a 20 -30 minute wait between. It takes me an hour plus to get there. So I can only do one trip per day.

To say the least this is not convenient when scheduling medical appointments. I can not afford at $20 to $40 dollar taxi fare as I am on a fixed income.

Please look into improving the transit system here for seniors.

Thank you.

Sandra L Monteith