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Letters, week of March 12

Don’t mess with our nature trail Sir: Re: Peter Smith’s letter opposing a road extension over the Howard Watson Nature Trail. I couldn’t agree more. The trail is like the St.
Letters to the editor

Don’t mess with our nature trail

Sir: Re: Peter Smith’s letter opposing a road extension over the Howard Watson Nature Trail.

I couldn’t agree more.

The trail is like the St. Clair River of a century ago, when it was used as dumping ground for trash and pollution. But a lot of political will and an army of hard-working people has turned the waterfront into a first-class attraction enjoyed by all.

Over the years, I have become very appreciative of the trail and its undeveloped nature. It is a local escape from the harsh realities of the day, a space to breathe a little fresh air without exhaust fumes and traffic.

It is also a great place to appreciate a swath of Carolinian habitat and it’s denizens, from the train tracks south of Confederation Street to Camlachie.

I can’t tell you how many better mental health days I’ve had following a bike ride or trail walk.

Many times I have photographed or talked with out-of-towners using the trail. Those who discover its simplicity, tranquility and beauty come back. Isn’t that the master plan - to draw people back to Sarnia-Lambton?

The Howard Watson Trail is not Canatara, Centennial or Germain Park. It’s unique.

Yes, it has intersecting roads, which could use some designated crosswalks. But it’s still a little piece of paradise in a very busy world, and it’s frequently used by people with disabilities.

Extending the road from the Rapids Parkway to Exmouth Street over the trail will not do what the city wants, which is to ease traffic congestion in the commercial zone around Walmart

The entire area has just one entrance and exit to handle a constant flow of traffic during peak periods, and it bottlenecks at the intersection of Barclay and Quinn Drives.

How many major commercial developments in Ontario have a single entrance and exit? How did this happen?

Extending this road is a short-term, simple solution, but also short sighted. With more development there will more traffic, and directing it north from Exmouth Street doesn’t address the real problem.

It’s time for our city planners to revisit this issue and try a little thinking outside the box. I’m not an expert, but I do know the value of thinking outside the box.

Glenn Ogilvie



Personal opinions or facts?

Sir: Does anyone else get tired of the constant onslaught of personal opinion masquerading as fact?

Last week’s editorial by Tara Jeffrey was typical of this growing trend in the media of opinion being passed off as fact. She stated, “Homosexuality is normal,” whereas that is Tara’s personal opinion.

Science is very clear that nobody is born a homosexual or a lesbian; the same is true in the animal kingdom where recent research in the UK has found that there is no evidence of such behaviour.

Like most things in life, everybody has a choice, and everyone who chooses the path of same-sex relationships does so by personal choice. If that choice is promoted in the classroom, the chance of someone taking that pathway is surely increased.

We all have opinions about most things that affect us, influenced by the media and life in general. As a Christian, the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is not normal. I believe that, but I don’t choose to force that down the throats of non-believers.

Our views for example on same sex marriage, homosexuality, and gender identity will be as varied as our experiences and backgrounds; hence we form opinions.

Tara is just as entitled to her opinion as is the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP. I don’t share her opinions but recognize her right to hold them. However, please don’t try to ram that opinion down my throat by saying that such sexual behavior is normal!

There are enough problems today in the West because of the growing promiscuity in society, and that is fed by the media and ill-advised promotion of such opinions in the schools. There are so many things in life we would not have done unless shown the way, such as smoking, drugs, etc.

My opinion is that highlighting abnormal sexual behavior in schools will promote such lifestyles. For the Millennial generation in Canada, over half of children are born out of wedlock and almost a third of pregnancies are aborted; these facts underscore such an opinion!

Keith Patrick



Evolution doesn’t explain origin of the universe

Sir: I find it interesting how our “so-called tolerant liberals” mocked Rick Nicholls for his stance on evolution.

In the great debate between evolution and intelligent design ridicule is the greatest tool used to silence any notion of creation.  Personally I believe in “beyond intelligent design” because there are so many aspects in our cosmos that are beyond our comprehension and, I believe, will require another dimension of thinking in order for us to truly understand.

How can a perfectly ordered and synchronized universe, which is infinite in space and time, suddenly evolve without someone or something with incredible supernatural ability engineering the whole process?

Evolution or the Big Bang can’t create anything, it can only affect what is already in place.  Schools and universities need to acknowledge that evolution and the Big Bang fall short in explaining how or who pushed the start button to put this incomprehensible universe in motion.

Without space and matter there would be no debate because both evolution and the Big Bang would be impossible.

Cory Van Veller

Bright’s Grove


Thanks Meagan and Jamie

Editor’s note: A Feb. 11 story about Leo, a badly-injured dog rescued from a Thai beach and now living in Sarnia, brought this response from C. W. Wasman of Sarnia:

My life would have been over

No one seemed to care

But with God’s guidance and a helping hand

Meagan showed up out of nowhere

I was in pretty rough shape

When she found me

Surely I would have died

But thanks to the people who donated

To Ottawa I did fly

Then along came Jamie Smith

Who loved me from the start

Again many people helped financially

So that I could be a part

Of Jamie’s life

I’m such a happy puppy

To have another chance at life

Thanks to all who helped me

You’ve made my life just right



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