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LETTER: Dennis should give his ‘disrespectful head a mighty shake’

Bill Dennis upended another council meeting earlier this year with personal verbal attacks directed at the mayor and other council members.

Dear Editor: 

Still? Again? Really? 

Councillor Bill Dennis has become quite an embarrassment to City Council. 

I like strong thinkers on both sides of the political spectrum. I even like radical thinking because it often brings positive change. 

What I don't understand is people who think they can bully and harass their colleagues into getting what they want. It's kind of like an ill behaved child who throws tantrums to get his ways. 

Sarnia, like many cities these days have some serious problems to contend with. The answers to these problems will take time to solve even when people respectfully hear each other out. 

If Councillor Dennis thinks that alienating his colleagues on Council is going to help the City at all, he should just give his disrespectful head a mighty shake. 

I heard he wants to be he delusional? 

I have a feeling he is taking a piece from the Trump playbook and we don't need that in Canadian cities! He is also costing the City money with his antics.

Jan Lancaster

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