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LETTER: City needs to act on homeless shelter

"People are cold. People are hungry. People need shelter."

The Journal received the following letter in response to our story: Our shelter beds need to open now, says pastor

I just read the Journal article about the River City Vineyard shelter. I don’t understand why the building department is allowed to put up all these ridiculous roadblocks preventing the shelter from opening.

I could understand one or two issues popping up. But this situation seems to be beyond the norm. People are cold. People are hungry. People need shelter.

I don’t know who is in charge of these decisions but maybe they should be in need of help and then be refused it.

It is time for these employed, well-paid, well-fed members of the building department to get down off their high-horse and think with their hearts. 

It is Christmas — a time of hope and love and compassion. I am appalled that you, our mayor, has not stepped in and done something to get these new shelter beds open now, when they are desperately needed.

Come on Mayor Mike, assert the authority we the people have bestowed on you and show us you can do the right thing.

Ann Bradburn