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EDITORIAL: A new voice for Sarnia

Hi there, and welcome to The Sarnia Journal.
The Sarnia Journal staff photographs

Hi there, and welcome to The Sarnia Journal.

What you're reading is a web version of the first edition of Sarnia’s new newspaper, with a weekly distribution of 30,000 copies delivered to homes, apartments and selected businesses in the immediate Sarnia area.

Why a new newspaper? Isn’t print a dinosaur in the digital age?

Actually, community newspapers are springing up all across Canada, satisfying a need for truly local news created by the one-size-fits all approach of some national media conglomerates.

In our area alone two other weekly newspapers have sprung up in the past seven months – The Independent in Petrolia, and The Voice in Chatham.  In total, there are now more than 1,100 Canadian community newspapers, which surveys have shown are read by 74% of the nation’s adults each week.

Now it’s our turn.

The Journal is a community-first newspaper produced by and for the people of Sarnia, Bright’s Grove, Point Edward and Corunna. It is a free publication, supported entirely by advertising.

The enterprise was founded by the former publisher, sales manager and editor of Sarnia’s daily newspaper, and it launches today with an experienced and talented staff of 10 full-and-part-time employees.

Every member of our team lives in the Sarnia area and everything we do – writing, photography, layout, sales, graphics, accounting (excluding printing) - is done locally.

Our goal is to reflect what’s happening here each week. We will report it factually, fairly and with compassion. We take a positive approach to our community, and do so unapologetically. But we won’t shy away from the tough stuff, either.

In short, we intend to connect with our community by delivering interesting information and photos that matter to readers.

We also encourage your active participation by providing coverage ideas and submitted photos, (because we can’t be everywhere at once).

Feel free to contact us with concerns and story ideas, or drop by the office on Murphy Road with your event notices and team photos.

We are Sarnia’s local independent newspaper, and we want to hear from you.

- George Mathewson

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