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HUMANS OF SARNIA: Jeannine and Anne

Jeannine and Anne

The Sarnia Journal has partnered with local photographer Art Connolly to feature his captivating “Humans of Sarnia” series as he delves into the lives and experiences of everyday people in Sarnia. Follow his series on Instagram and Facebook

In my journey through Sarnia's human stories, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannine and Anne, two remarkable first cousins whose reunion after 50 years is a testament to the enduring bonds of family.

Their story begins in Windsor, where both Jeannine and Anne originally resided. Jeannine's father worked at Duplate, an automotive windshield plant, until its closure in 1972, prompting 60 families, including Jeannine's, to relocate to Hawkesbury, Ontario, a significant distance from Windsor.

The geographical separation led to limited contact between Jeannine's and Anne's families over the years, with occasional gatherings being the extent of their connection. However, fate had its way, and in May 2022, Jeannine felt the pull to return to southwestern Ontario to be closer to family, some of whom reside in Sarnia.

Upon reconnecting with relatives, Jeannine made sure to reach out to Anne. Their first phone call sparked an instant reconnection, leading to a joyous reunion. Their first gathering, a picnic, was filled with laughter and shared memories, as they caught up on five decades of life's twists and turns.

Sitting with Jeannine and Anne, I couldn't help but notice the striking family resemblance and the palpable closeness between them. Their mothers, who were sisters, shared a strong bond, and it's clear that Jeannine and Anne are poised to continue that legacy of closeness and camaraderie. Their shared sense of humor illuminated our time together, with moments of laughter punctuating the air as they effortlessly finished each other's sentences.

Their story is a poignant reminder of the enduring power of family ties, spanning decades and geographical distances, yet always finding a way to reconnect and rediscover the cherished bonds that unite us.

“Humans of Sarnia” founder Art Connolly is a man fuelled by curiosity and a passion for connecting with people in Sarnia. Inspired by the renowned “Humans of New York” series, with a camera in hand, he captures the very essence of the individuals he encounters, preserving their stories through his lens.

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