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HUMANS OF SARNIA: A Conversation with Santa

The Sarnia Journal has partnered with local photographer Art Connolly to feature his captivating “Humans of Sarnia” series as he delves into the lives and experiences of everyday people in Sarnia.
Santa Claus. (Art Connolly photo).

The Sarnia Journal has partnered with local photographer Art Connolly to feature his captivating “Humans of Sarnia” series as he delves into the lives and experiences of  everyday people in Sarnia. Follow his series on Instagram and Facebook

By Art Connolly

In my pursuit of the Humans of Sarnia series, I found myself on a magical adventure—a heart-to-heart conversation with none other than Santa Claus.

The dream of chatting with Santa, fuelled by my deep admiration for the jolly old fellow, led me to explore ways to contact him. Turning to my vast network in Sarnia-Lambton, I sought the help of modern technology and kind-hearted individuals, and to my delight, I successfully connected with Santa!

Attempting to articulate the emotions that arise from sitting and conversing with Santa is no easy task. The initial disbelief gave way to a surreal connection as Santa playfully reminded me about the many "incidents" that earned me a spot on the Naughty List for so many years. Only Santa could hold the key to all those mischievous moments.

Santa's kindness became the focal point of our conversation, and I couldn't help but chuckle at the realization that, indeed, he did possess a "broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly."

Our dialogue stretched over approximately two hours, during which Santa shared heartfelt stories about the children he had encountered over the years. Many of these tales were filled with Santa's infectious laughter, while others evoked tears in his eyes, emphasizing the genuine love that Santa carries.

Now, let's dive into the behind-the-scenes magic of Santa's holiday preparations.

When I asked him about getting ready for the festive season, he revealed, "First, the elves and I read all the letters from the children to know their wishes. Then, we check the Naughty/Nice List, and thirdly, we start making the toys."

And the big mystery – how does Santa manage to visit so many homes in one night?

Santa playfully hinted at the magic of his night, stretching beyond 24 hours due to time zones. With a twinkle in his eye, he noted that reindeers are faster than rockets or spaceships, allowing him to bend time. Moreover, he highlighted the existence of more than one "Christmas Eve" during the holiday season due to different religions, and he emphasized that not everyone believes, so he doesn't visit every home.

Delving deeper into Santa's Sarnia-Lambton connection, he expressed pure joy in witnessing the happiness in everyone's eyes and on their faces during his visits.

On a fashion note, I inquired about Santa's iconic red and white attire. He shared, "I wear white to represent purity, and I wear red because I like it!"

Now, let's talk treats – Santa's ability to devour numerous cookies is attributed to his hard work, burning a tremendous number of calories during his trip around the world. 

And a fun fact: milk and cookies are a North American treat; different goodies await him around the world.

I couldn't resist asking about Santa's preferred title – Santa, St. Nick, or Kris Kringle? With a hearty laugh, he replied, "They can call me anything they like, as long as they don't call me late for cookies! My favorite cookie is the one I am going to eat next! Ho Ho Ho!"

Post-Christmas, Santa's routine involves giving Mrs. Claus a big kiss upon his return to the North Pole, followed by a well-deserved long sleep. Afterward, the North Pole gears up for the next Christmas. During the summer, Santa takes a brief vacation to Noelville, Ontario (near Sudbury), for some fishing fun.

Concluding our conversation, Santa had a special message for the children of Sarni-Lambton – "Always believe and ensure you show love to your family and friends. I hope you never grow too old to look into the sky with anticipation on Christmas Eve."

If you would like to learn more about Santa you can visit his FaceBook page at Santa Claus Sarnia. Santa is available for private parties etc.

Art Connolly

“Humans of Sarnia” founder Art Connolly is a man fuelled by curiosity and a passion for connecting with people in Sarnia. Inspired by the renowned “Humans of New York” series, with a camera in hand, he captures the very essence of the individuals he encounters, preserving their stories through his lens.