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Diversity Ed seeking sponsors to help send 2SLGBTQ+ youth to summer camp

Youth at a previous QT Summer Camp hosted by Diversity Ed.

Registration is open for campers ages 12-18 looking to join the 3rd annual QT Summer Camp organized by Diversity Ed.

The camp, running Aug. 25-29 at The Lambton Centre in Lambton Shores, is a designated safe space for queer and trans-identified youth to be able to be themselves, without fear of being bullied or misgendered, said Diversity Ed founder Crystal Fach.

“A lot of our kids are still being bullied in school so this is that week that we get to prep them for that and remind them that they're amazing,” Fach said. “Times are really hard right now, and we want them to have a glimpse of some security and a space to thrive in before they kind of dive back into the trenches of education…”
For queer and trans-identified youth, having their human rights debated by politicians, religious leaders and teachers is stressful, causes anxiety as well as makes day-to-day life and access to health care, challenging or seemingly impossible, Fach explained.

“So we want this to be a place where they can get some refuge from that,” Fach explained. “[QT Summer Camp] is the week before going back to school… so it's that kind of rally-up because they know what they're going back to — not all of our youth are going back to a safe place or educational environment.”

Staff and camp counsellors are specially trained, Fach said, adding that their top priority is to let the youth have fun with activities including dance, drag performances and swimming among others.

“​​We have our own pool, so when our youth go swimming, they get to just go swimming, which most people take for granted,” Fach said. “But a lot of times there's [challenges] especially for our trans youth where maybe they want to wear a binder swimming or they're wearing bathing suits that they might not feel comfortable wearing when there's a lot of cis kids around, where they might be judged or misgendered when they're swimming.

“We try to really make sure that we're incorporating a space that's not only safe, but a place that they can thrive in,” Fach said.

QT Summer camp sees many of the same youth returning year after year, and includes campers from as far away as Toronto and Ottawa as well as Lambton County youth.

“We've noticed we have the same youth coming back and they stay connected even after camp ends. They're really making substantial friendships out of this experience,” Fach added.

Diversity Ed is also looking for sponsors, so there is no cost for youth to participate.

“If people are interested in sending a youth to camp we would greatly appreciate that. It does take a village, and it's really important that our youth get to have this,” Fach said. 

The four-night, five-day camp experience costs $250 per participant.

So far, Diversity Ed has raised $12,000 of the $20,000 needed to cover the costs of sending 80 youth to camp, including their transportation.
Donations come with a charitable tax receipt and can be made through Canada Helps.

For more information: visit here.


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