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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge


1. Until June 30, the Lambton Heritage Museum is highlighting the experiences of immigrants from what European country?

2. A resident of Sarnia since 1989, Sue Weir excels at what sport?

3. The east-bound span of the Bluewater Bridge will be closed until what month?

4. The newest bus terminal in Sarnia opened recently at what location?

5. A longtime Father’s Day tradition, the Huron House Boys’ Home Run/Walk/Bike will take place on June 16. Counting this year, within five years, how many years
has it been held?

6. Slow and steady please: All cyclists participating in the Third Annual BIG SlowRoll for charity on Sunday, June 9 can bike a MAXIMUM speed of what?

 7. Who is the keynote speaker at the Famous Five Speaker Series Sarnia-Lambton on June 20 at the Sunbridge Hotel and Conference Centre?

8. What popular three-day food event will be held at Centennial Park from June 14- June 16?

9. It’s never too late! After quitting school nearly 60 years ago to take care of her siblings, Lena Philippon, 76, will be receiving her what this month?

10. Who am I? I grew up in Sarnia, attended SCITS, and joined the Canadian Army. Eighty years ago this week, one of my fingers was shot off during the
D-Day invasion. I survived the war and became an actor, most notably as a cast member in a 1960s groundbreaking science fiction TV show.


(Column #435)


ANSWERS: 1 – Italy; 2 – Swimming; 3 – October; 4 – Clearwater Arena; 5 – 37 Years; 6 –15 kmh (it's not too late to sign up); 7 – Chantel Butterfield; 8 – Sarnia Kinsmen Ribfest; 9 – High School Diploma (Congratulations, Lena!); 10 – James Doohan

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