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Vital traffic safety measures for London Road Public School

The Sarnia Journal has partnered with the nuSarnia Foundation to feature a series of stories promoting active transportation and community wellness.

On Monday, May 6, Robert Dickieson addressed the Sarnia City Council regarding vital traffic safety measures for London Road Public School.

The current road layout prioritizes cars, fostering high speeds and driver distraction, posing significant risks to our youngest pedestrians—the elementary school students who navigate these streets daily. Recent incidents, including a close call involving a student and a crossing guard, have underscored the urgent need for immediate action. By reshaping the traffic landscape, we can mitigate potential conflicts and create a safer, more pedestrian-friendly environment around the school.Proposed solutions include:

:arrow_right: Lane Reductions: Narrowing London Road lanes to deter speeding and shorten pedestrian crossing distances

:arrow_right: Refuge Median Island: Introducing a median island to offer a safe midpoint for pedestrians crossing multiple lanes

:arrow_right: Chicanes: Installing chicanes to naturally slow down vehicles at strategic points, discouraging excessive speeds.

:arrow_right: Raised Crosswalk: Implementing a raised crosswalk at the school crossing to elevate pedestrian visibility, promoting safer interactions with drivers.

:arrow_right: Lowered Speed Limit to 30 km/h: Enforcing a reduced speed limit directly at the school crossing, augmented by automatic speed monitoring to ensure compliance—a proven strategy aligned with Vision Zero principles.

Want to support Robert's delegation? Write a letter to Council to express your support for London Road traffic safety.


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